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"Our teachers brought the 7 Mindsets to our school and the transformation has forever impacted the lives of our students. 7 Mindsets helped us become a ridiculously amazing school!"

Tracey Smith, Principal, Mashburn Elementary

Mindsets Matter

Mindsets-based social-emotional learning leverages research into the neuroplasticity of the brain, empowering us to intentionally grow our cognitive, creative, and emotional functioning in the direction of happiness and achievement.

The 7 Mindsets are a comprehensive blueprint for identifying and transforming the thought structures that dictate the levels of happiness and achievement we can attain.  


7 Mindsets For Schools

is a proven, mindsets-based social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and implementation framework that integrates with existing school programs and helps leaders develop a more positive, thriving culture.

1,000's of educators use the 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal every day for advisory sessions, quick lessons, assemblies and more. Several independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impacts on academic achievement, behavior improvement, GRIT and resilience. 

7 Mindsets For Schools

SEL Lessons +
Powerful Resources


Mindsets-Based SEL Professional Development & Teacher Coaching


A Web-based portal with 13-years of K-12, age appropriate SEL curriculum


1,000's of searchable and exportable videos, activities, & lessons


Beautiful content and resources that amplify positive school culture


A Common 7 Mindsets language that connects students, staff and parents


A framework that unifies existing SEL, PBIS, Character & other programs


Leadership tools to engage staff, parents and community


Courses are organized by grade levels Elementary (K-2 and 3-5), Middle and High School. Lessons are designed to be delivered in as little as 30 minutes, and adapt to existing schedules.

Lesson Builder

Quickly assemble custom lessons to meet your classroom's unique content needs from our 2,000+ strong Resource Hub, or add your own by uploading or linking from other sites. 

Resource Hub

The 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal comes integrated with our Resource Hub (AKA - "The Google of SEL"), allowing teachers to quickly search 1,000's of mindset-based SEL videos and learning objects. Pin your favorite finds to existing lessons, or, build a new lesson and share it with your colleagues.

Measurement Tools

Teacher & Staff Pre/Post Surveys

Student Pre/Post Surveys

Cultural Readiness Assessments

Measurement Strategy Guide


Parent Communications

Parent Video/Web Copy

Event Presentation Templates

Newsletters & Mindset Overviews

Leadership Zone

Leadership training videos, checklists, step-by-step planning guides, ideas and best practices for implementing the 7 Mindsets. 

Parent Zone

Your launch-point for engaging the community around SEL efforts, loaded with tools and templates. Select from a template, add in a few personal touches, and email parents directly from the Parent Zone. 

Online PD

A complete online professional development course for teaching and practicing the 7 Mindsets, in the classroom and throughout the building. 

Educator Community

 1,000's of educators use the 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal every day for advisory sessions, quick lessons, assemblies and more. This lively community shares ideas, wins and best practices daily. 

3 Steps to a life-changing culture

Choose the solution that's right for your school

Teach life-changing concepts in 30 minutes/lesson

See the transformation in your students, teachers, and culture

What Educators Love About 7 Mindsets

It's SImple

Improvements start in as little as 30 minutes a week.

Start Anytime

You don't need to wait until a new school year begins.

Personal Growth

Our professional development includes personal growth and life planning as well.


In the world of SEL, Mindset-Based SEL is the most impactful.


Our framework extends and integrates with existing PBIS programs.

Common Language

Memorable mindsets connect student, staff and parents while helping to grow a positive school culture.


Teachers love how easy it is to engage with students around multimedia lessons. 

By Teachers

Our curriculum is developed by teachers who have taught the 7 Mindsets for years.

Growth Mindset

Schools exploring Growth Mindset find that the 7 Mindsets provide an actionable framework for this ground-breaking research.


Learn best practices from 1,000's of top educators like you.


A sustainable, completely integrated solution.


No kidding, that's our goal!

Happy Teachers Change Lives

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