Improves Student Behavior

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Study #1

An independent study was performed at Liberty Middle school to assess the number of students being referred for suspensions or expulsions, as well as the total number of behavioral incidents reported.

Data was collected for the fall of 2013 (without the 7 Mindsets) and again for the fall of 2014 with the 7 Mindsets Academy social emotional learning programs implemented.

Tabulation of the data showed a 54% reduction in the number of students referred for disciplinary action. It also showed a 46% decrease in the total number of incidents.

Liberty Middle School Student Behavior 2013 - 2014

Liberty Behavioral Impact

Study #2

From 2007 to 2014, Arnall Middle School expended considerable effort to reduce the number of student disciplinary referrals from a concerning 1,154 to 223 over a 6-year period. Clearly, their leadership did some amazing work. In 2014, Arnall MS implemented the 7 Mindsets Academy program as a measure toward furthering the school’s positive progress.

For the 2014/2015 school year, the total number of disciplinary referrals dropped to just 84. This created even more benefits to the school climate and a reduction in the administrative cost of interventions thanks to increased attendance and heightened engagement.

Arnall Middle School Student Behavior 2007 - 2015

Arnall Behavioral Impact