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The 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal is a web-based SEL platform that organizes and delivers mindset-based lessons, activities, videos, worksheets, and even online teacher training in one easy-to-use system. 

Research tells us children need more than just lessons, and schools need more than tools. So we asked 7 Mindsets administrators and teachers from across the country to lead the design and content our new platform.

Thanks to them, the new 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal is beyond anything we could have ever built on our own.

“It is so powerful to observe the impact of the 7 Mindsets on students... they begin to realize that it is within their control to choose to embrace the Mindsets, which ultimately changes the trajectory of their lives."

Amy Hodgson – Superintendent, Michigan

7 Mindsets For Schools

SEL Lessons +
Powerful Resources


Mindsets-Based SEL Professional Development & Teacher Coaching


A Web-based portal with 13-years of K-12, age appropriate SEL curriculum


1,000's of searchable and exportable videos, activities, & lessons


Beautiful content and resources that amplify positive school culture


A Common 7 Mindsets language that connects students, staff and parents


A framework that unifies existing SEL, PBIS, Character & other programs


Leadership tools to engage staff, parents and community


Courses are organized by grade levels Elementary (K-2 and 3-5), Middle and High School. Lessons are designed to be delivered in as little as 30 minutes, and adapt to existing schedules.

Lesson Builder

Quickly assemble custom lessons to meet your classroom's unique content needs from our 2,000+ strong Resource Hub, or add your own by uploading or linking from other sites. 

Resource Hub

Search 1,000's of learning objects, videos, activities and instructables. Pin your favorite finds to existing lessons, or, build a new lesson and share it with your colleagues.

Measurement Tools

Teacher & Staff Pre/Post Surveys

Student Pre/Post Surveys

Cultural Readiness Assessments

Measurement Strategy Guide


Parent Communications

Parent Video/Web Copy

Event Presentation Templates

Newsletters & Mindset Overviews

Leadership Zone

Leadership training videos, checklists, step-by-step planning guides, ideas and best practices for implementing the 7 Mindsets. 

Parent Zone

Your launch-point for engaging the community around SEL efforts, loaded with tools and templates. Select from a template, add in a few personal touches, and email parents directly from the Parent Zone. 

Online PD

A complete online professional development course for teaching and practicing the 7 Mindsets, in the classroom and throughout the building. 

Educator Community

Join 1,000's of educators from around the world who use the 7 Mindsets. This lively community shares ideas, wins and best practices daily. 

“Culture is the silent stream that runs deep in each of our schools. The 7 Mindsets Academy has the power to significantly improve the culture of your school. If your school will actively employ the Mindsets, it will become a happier and more productive place.” 

Connie Stovall – Director of Instruction K-12, Forsyth County, GA

With 100's of SEL Lessons Built By Teachers

Lesson Prep

Jump straight to instruction, or navigate our course prep options which include obejectives, learning outcomes, academic alignments and checklists.


Parent Communication

We've identified the communications that parents respond to most. Starting a new Mindset? Sharing resources directly from the portal takes seconds. 

10.2 - Parent Zone

Personalize Lessons 

Easily search, find, and pin additional resources to any lesson, enabling a culturally relevant experience that is personalized to the needs of each student.


Shareable Lesson Viewers 

Each lesson includes a viewer that teachers can embed in blogs, school websites and more. Click below for an example.

Keep Track Of Progress

7 Mindsets makes it easy to find your way around and pick up where you left off. Jump to support and rate lessons from any course, unit or lesson.


Best-In-Class Implementation Resources

Leadership Zone

A practical, organized, digital space for leaders to learn, access, manage and share key resources and best practices. Includes online training for change management and leadership tools for integrating the 7 Mindsets throughout the school building. 


Parent Zone

Your launch-point for engaging the community around SEL efforts, loaded with tools and templates. Select from a template, add in a few personal touches, and email parents directly from the Parent Zone. 


Progress Measurement

The new 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal is build on a powerful LMS platform that enables out-of-box and custom analytics dashboards for school and district administrators. 

[School & District Licenses Only] 


Online Professional Development

All licenses include a complete video course based on our live, in-school trainings. This includes an introduction to SEL, applying the 7 Mindsets in your classroom and in life, and straightforward tips on using the portal.


And Everything You Need To Plan, Align, And Implement The 7 Mindsets

Course Overviews  |  Unit Overviews

In addition to interactive elements, the 7 Mindsets Classroom Portal has downloadable resources for each course, unit and lesson. 

High School Course 1 Overview

 1st Year
High School
SEL Curriculum

Middle School Course 1 Overview

1st Year
Middle School
SEL Curriculum


Elementary Course 1 Overview

1st Year
Elementary 3-5
SEL Curriculum


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