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7 Mindsets University

Are you interested in improving your school’s culture?

Do you want to make teaching a more meaningful and connected experience for your team?

7 Mindsets University is a one-of-a-kind training utilizing the 7 Mindsets Framework to inspire educators personally and professionally, equipping leaders with the tools to inspire their teams and created improved school climates that promote higher achievement at all levels.

Participants learn tested, proven strategies that empower educators to connect with students, and inspire them to dream bigger, tap into their passions, work better with others, be more accountable and act with a greater sense of purpose.

With added tracks for program directors, community care providers and institutional leaders, 7 Mindsets University will transform how you engage teachers, leverage connections and networks, and lead your community through the cultural transformation process.

Day 1: Immerse

The first day at 7 Mindsets University is for all registrants. It focuses on reconnecting participants with their passion for education and inspire their personal and professional development through the 7 Mindsets framework.

Why Mindsets (non-cognitive skills) Matter

Participants will learn the research basis for Mindsets-based education and the proven benefits of whole-child development.

The 7 Mindsets and You

Participants will explore the 7 Mindsets, connecting them with their own personal and professional goals.

The State of Social Emotional Learning

Participants will learn best practices related to Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior Intervention (PBIS), Restorative Discipline and other emerging models.


Day 2: Apply

Explore repeatable strategies to implement Social and Emotional Learning, transform school culture, create environments where every student can thrive, and grow teacher capacity to connect with and positively impact student lives.

Track 1: 7 Mindsets Academy Participants

This track is for teachers and educational leaders renewing or about to begin using the 7 Mindsets in their schools.

  • Implementing With Fidelity
  • Implementation Planning
  • Setting Expectations
  • Measurement & Growth
  • Break-out Sessions

Track 2: Non-Academy Participants

This track is educators and education leaders not presently part of a school-wide 7 Mindsets implementation.

  • Creating a new shared language of success
  • Building growth based relationships
  • Fostering a constructive sense of community
  • Making education more relevant
  • Facilitating discussion and difficult conversations


Register For 7 Mindsets University

Denver, CO
June 14-15, 2017


Minneapolis, MN
June 21-22, 2017


Austin, TX
July 11-12, 2017


Atlanta, GA
July 18-19, 2017





7 Mindsets University Testimonials


“Our teachers Nikki and Chelsea brought the Mindsets back to our school after 7 Mindsets University two years ago. The transformation that has taken place has forever impacted the lives of our students. 7 Mindsets have helped us tap into the hearts of our future in ways we never could have imagined.”

Tracey Smith, Principal, Mashburn Elementary

“7 Mindsets University was a tremendous opportunity to meet and stay connected with some of the best educators from around the world. I have developed friendships and relationships that will help me be a better person and educator.

Amanda Glass, High School Counselor

“Culture is the silent stream that runs deep in each of our schools. The 7 Mindsets has the power to significantly improve the culture of your school.”

Connie Stovall, Director of Instruction K-12, Forsyth County Schools, GA