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How Do Schools Use 7 Mindsets Academy?

7 Mindsets Academy is an easy-to-implement, transformational program that has been established in 17 US states (and growing every month).  With multiple courses of age-appropriate online curriculum for elementary, middle and high school, it is highly flexible and can be launched at any point during the school year.

Each curriculum course contains 30 lessons that focus on the underlying, non-cognitive skills young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives. Lesson themes include such foundational mindset concepts as overcoming limiting beliefs, raising expectations, developing meaningful relationships, embracing accountability, practicing gratitude, managing setbacks and learning from mistakes.

Academy StudentsThe 7 Mindsets Academy program can be implemented with just one class, multiple classes or throughout an entire school. Lessons are designed to be taught in 30 to 60 minutes in a normal classroom setting, once or twice a week, but are flexible to meet unique scheduling needs.

Training can be completed in one day at your school location, virtually, or at 7 Mindsets University, our two-day summer institute in Atlanta, GA.

School leadership is trained on program implementation and best practices to ensure maximum fidelity, while teachers receive guidance on specific strategies for applying and activating the 7 Mindsets with their students and personally.

In conjunction with implementation training, educators receive access to the 7 Mindsets Academy online portal, which contains digital and downloadable curriculum lessons, interactive online presentations, videos, games, posters and student life planning materials.


Educators also receive access to the 7 Mindsets MasterClass, our self-paced online adult learning program that enhances their ability to maximize the positive impact of the 7 Mindsets with their students.

Curriculum is also provided for administrators to implement during staff meetings and other professional development opportunities.

7 Mindsets Academy schools pay a modest annual license fee for access to all curriculum courses, online materials, teaching and parent resources, membership in the 7 Mindsets educator community, and year-long customer implementation and support services.

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