Roberto Rivera joins 7 Mindsets

Roberto Rivera Joins 7 Mindsets Leadership Team Rivera is the Founder of The Good Life Organization, which 7 Mindsets recently acquired (Roswell, GA) February 8, 2017 — 7 Mindsets, the national leader in mindsets-based social and emotional learning, is excited to announce their new Chief Empowerment Officer, Roberto Rivera, along with the acquisition of The…

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A Common Language For SEL: Chattahoochee Elementary

  Chattahoochee Elementary’s Principal Barbara Vella believes that school leaders must constantly re-assess and stay fiercely aligned with the vision of placing every child first. “It is within the relationship between a teacher and a child that learning takes place.” In this short video, Barbara shares her viewpoint on why social emotional learning matters, why…

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Student Leadership Re-Imagined: Chattahoochee Elementary

  Chattahoochee has created a game-changing student leadership program putting the 7 Mindsets into action. “iChangers” uniquely focuses on teaching leadership skills through community service with an emphasis on student interest and accountability. The program is designed to create a school climate of service and social emotional awareness. This interview with Instructional Coach Beth Perryman…

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We Are Connected: Mike Cruz Teaching The Mindsets

We Are Connected Mike Cruz Casa Grande

As teachers were on-boarding the 7 Mindsets in Casa Grande, Cruz invited his peers to join him for a workshop on how to teach their social emotional learning lessons more effectively, with less prep time. One month later, when our team visited Villago and Cactus Middle for a community open house, Cruz volunteered to come over and teach a group of students he had never met before. He chose the perfect mindset for this challenge: We Are Connected.

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Social Emotional Learning Standards: A New Definition

Purpose of Life Quotes

Last August, CASEL announced a “joint effort” to establish Social Emotional Learning Standards across 8 US states. For many long-time advocates, the creation of declarative, procedural, schematically-built guidelines will surely speed up consensus, funding and implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in all classrooms. But as we visit schools, what we sometimes hear is that the move towards standards could also be a dangerous…

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Live to Give: The Amazing Story of Fombah Kanneh

Live To Give With Fombah Kanneh

Live to Give: This Is How We Change The World Recently, we got an email from a young man named Fombah Kanneh. The subject line read “LIVE TO GIVE: Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities.” Although he has never visited our office, we’ve all heard about Fombah before. His story begins with his childhood, growing up in a…

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