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School Culture and Climate

How to Change School Culture with PBIS

Jeff Waller on October 06, 2016

I learned something recently that shocked and horrified me:  the United States prison system forecasts its space demands based on current discipline data captured in our schools. This practice even has a disconcerting name:  the school-to-prison-pipeline. Approximately 3.3 million suspensions […]

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4 Ways SEL Schools Can Succeed

Jeff Waller on September 07, 2016

Many years ago, I took a stand-up comedy class.  It wasn’t because I thought I was funny, it was just an effort to get more comfortable speaking in public. At the time, I wasn’t aware that the final “class” was […]

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5 Empowering Thoughts on Teaching

Jeff Waller on August 11, 2016

I recently read a quote by famed educational psychologist Lee Shulman that discussed the challenges of being a classroom teacher.  He said: “Classroom teaching is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that […]

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Improving School Climate

Jeff Waller on April 29, 2016

Because of modern advances in brain imaging technology, over 90% of what we know about the human brain today was discovered in just the past 20 years [1]. Perhaps the discovery of greatest import, though, is the plastic nature of […]

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How to Reduce Student Anxiety

Jeff Waller on March 24, 2016

Last week, I challenged my daughter to try doing some lacrosse tricks, little exercises with the stick and ball to develop coordination and handling abilities.  She’s very focused, and began working diligently to develop the skills. A few hours later, […]

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