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The 7 Mindsets Framework: Why It Works

7 Mindsets Academy distills extensive research into the nature of happiness and success, providing the language, lessons and community-wide operating system for social and emotional learning to succeed.

We approach SEL (Social Emotional Learning) from a whole-school perspective. While our Academy program provides training, lessons and supports, our Framework complements each school’s unique agenda for building positive school culture. It provides a unified language that empowers teachers, aligns resources, and expands PBIS efforts to better serve the whole child.

This language then extends beyond the classroom, supporting a whole-community environment where every child is equipped with the skills to create a life of happiness and meaning on their own terms.

Level-up teachers for a new generation

7 Mindsets Academy starts with teachers – an intense, immersive, transformative training on how to personally internalize the mindsets, as well as how to facilitate learning and apply them in everyday academics.

Each new school is paired with a partner site that helps with leadership application, instructional integration and resource sharing. As each school embarks upon its own unique journey, we provide the coaching and training for educators to utilize our programs and modular content portal with students in classrooms.

This holistic, yet accessible approach balances the lessons, language and overarching framework that educators need in order to successfully integrate the 7 Mindsets throughout every aspect of school culture.

Instead of expensive motivational speakers or a burdensome prescriptive curriculum and tests, we leverage classroom discussions in which kids themselves communicate and anchor the concepts. Students learn about dreams, passion and gratitude. They learn that they truly are all connected and accountable for our own actions and success.

Outcomes that last a lifetime.

Organically, these come together to facilitate a more integrated approach to life skills and college and career readiness.

Remember why you got into teaching to begin with? Create that.

Every child should be excited about school – a nurturing and magical place where they learn, grow, explore, dream and prepare for a bright future. Your own unique vision that made you an educator, empowered by the mindsets, is what we support towards extraordinary outcomes for both school and students.

As the 7 Mindsets are taught, practiced and lived by everyone in your school and community – new and powerful ways of thinking and responding emerge, then become natural. Not only do principal office referrals and suspensions reduce (in some cases, by over 97%), but attendance gets better. Students are better behaved in classrooms. Teachers look forward to coming to work. Everyone in the building feels a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

It’s about fulfilling the promise of putting the child first. 

Strategic priorities to transform school culture or implement SEL initiatives led you to us, but by working together, the 7 Mindsets can prepare your students for a life without limits. A life of transformation and service.

Help your students live lives they can be proud of.

Talk with us.