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What is 7 Mindsets Academy?

7 Mindsets Academy


7 Mindsets Academy is a research-based program that can be implemented at any school to improve academic performance, increase educator engagement, and transform school culture.  It’s the only social emotional learning solution that teaches students the mindsets to achieve happiness and success on their own terms.

7 Mindsets Academy is currently in place in over 170 elementary, middle and high schools and has served more than 100,000 students.  Inspiring lessons, thought-provoking videos, educational games and personalized activities drive positive student conversations that empower educators to consistently impact student lives.

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The 7 Mindsets are the result of a three-year research project on thousands of the happiest and most successful people throughout history.

By studying their critical thought processes and approaches to life, we identified the 7 Mindsets they all have in common.

We also discovered that most students are inadvertently applying the exact opposite mindsets, which limits academic potential and inhibits personal fulfillment.

7 Mindsets Academy ignites a proactive mindset shift by getting to the root of limiting beliefs, increasing intrinsic motivation, and instilling the thinking to overcome emotional obstacles and psychological impediments in school and in life.

Based on the foundational premise that every child is extraordinary, the program positively impacts school climate by addressing social and emotional issues and facilitating character development.

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