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7 Mindsets At Work

Current articles in Forbes, Business Week, Science Daily, and Inc. Magazine all feature experts saying the same thing:  less than 30 percent of employees feel engaged or inspired by their jobs. According to a Gallup study, nearly 80% aren’t reaching their full potential. A 2013 State of the American Workplace Report estimates that this unhappiness and lack of motivation is not only affecting company performance, but costing the U.S. as much as $550 billion a year.

These studies and statistics speak loudly and clearly that the majority of individuals are simply going through the motions… and that is no one’s definition of happiness or success.

How can we change this? With an adjustment in thinking that we call a mindset shift. Our 7 Mindsets At Work corporate training programs provide research-based tools to help individuals tap into their passions, have a broader understanding of what it means to be grateful, and live fuller, more fulfilled lives. According to Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor, “It’s natural to believe that success will bring you happiness, but this common sense understanding is actually backwards. Success doesn’t make you happy so much as happiness makes you more successful.” It’s a win-win for the employees and the company when you empower individuals to live to their fullest potential.

Companies are spending tens of thousands annually on employee training programs—ranging from how to work more efficiently and increasing product knowledge to role-based training such as customer service and sales skills. But how much of that is wasted time and money because of underlying employee unhappiness? Unhappy employees are less productive and more likely to leave a job; which means that much of the training investment never proves worthwhile because of turnover.  One study last year stated that 1 out of 5 individuals planned to leave their job and move to another organization. The primary reason cited wasn’t money; it was unhappiness and the way they felt about their current employment situation.

The optimal approach is to empower your employees with the mindsets to become happier and more fulfilled, which will translate to every part of their jobs–relationships with co-workers, interactions with customers, and motivation in their daily responsibilities. And the added benefit? The increased feelings of meaning and significance they feel when they learn to activate the 7 Mindsets is experienced across all aspects of their lives.

Our company offers a variety of 7 Mindsets At Work options to help your organization realize the power and benefit of happier and more productive employees.

  • Books and webinars to introduce the concepts of the 7 Mindsets
  • Half and full day workshops which include activities, strategies, and techniques to immediately shift your employees’ and corporation’s mindsets
  • Keynote addresses which offer an inspiring 60-90 minute presentation to your organization or leadership team
  • 7 Mindsets MasterClass–an immersive online learning experience for your team members’ development on an individual basis

For more information on these options or a custom package, please contact us here.

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