Dr. Searetha Smith-Collins7 Mindsets, the leader in online social emotional learning (SEL) solutions, today announced the appointment of Dr. Searetha Smith-Collins to the position of chief academic officer, effective immediately.

“Searetha has a proven record in identifying, driving, and leading substantive change, innovation and initiatives,” said Lupita Knittel, President of 7 Mindsets. “She will lead our company’s review and enhancement of existing lessons. She will also create our curriculum standards and process as we begin developing new courses on equity and multi-cultural learning. This new position will elevate the quality of our curriculum and guide our company as we create even more impactful experiences for the millions of students and educators we serve.”

A former elementary school educator, Smith-Collins has held district leader positions in curriculum instruction alignment and accountability. She also has an extensive background in multi-cultural education and Pre-K-Grade 12 education. In addition, she is a charter member of the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

Smith-Collins has held positions as elementary school principal, and superintendent-level positions in Richmond, VA, and Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD where she was Chief Academic Officer. Additionally, she has been a school board member and the president of the Seattle Association of Elementary School Principals. She is recognized for her expertise in curriculum development and integrating principles of inclusion and equity as foundational to understanding by design.

In addition to being a sought-after speaker and presenter, Smith-Collins is the author of several books, white papers, and articles, including “The Equity Agenda: Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners,” The Critical Ingredients to Early Learning,” and “Leadership Training and Cultural Diversity.”,

She has held various senior positions in large education technology companies, including strategic urban initiatives manager at Apple Computers, vice-president of federal initiatives at SpectrumK12, and a senior education consultant at Promethean USA, among others.

“I am excited to be serving educators and students in this new role,” said Smith-Collins. “More than ever before, the education community has a greater need for SEL and understanding how to formulate growth-mindsets that lead to creating a more just and equitable world, and I am delighted to be helping 7 Mindsets use research-based and creative ways to address this need.”

About 7 Mindsets

Founded in 2008, 7 Mindsets is a leader in delivering social-emotional learning (SEL) solutions which include mindsets, equity and multicultural pedagogy. The 7 Mindsets program is a proven, research-based SEL solution that helps K-12 districts and schools build and sustain positive school cultures rooted in relationships. What sets 7 Mindsets apart from other K-12 SEL programs is that it nurtures the mindsets of both students and educators, empowering each member of the school community to live a life of purpose, passion, and meaning. The 7 Mindsets SEL program has been implemented with more than 1 million students across the United States and internationally. Independent studies show that the program improves academic performance, student behavior, suspension rates, and student resilience and grit. For more information, go to https://7mindsets.com and follow 7 Mindsets on Twitter @7Mindsets.