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Professional Development

As each school embarks upon its own unique journey, we conduct a readiness assessment which identifies opportunities and focus areas. From there, we make basic adjustments to our core training, and identify the best approach to mentoring.

Training begins with the teacher: an intense, transformative immersion on how to personally internalize the mindsets, as well as how to facilitate learning and apply them in everyday academics.

School leadership is trained on program implementation and best practices to ensure maximum fidelity, while teachers receive guidance on specific strategies for applying and activating the 7 Mindsets with their students and personally.

In many cases, the best training is a completely customized experience, which we create to suit 1/2-day, 1 and 2-day agendas.

7 Mindsets University Conference

The work of social emotional learning requires focus, persistence, and a plan that adapts to each community's unique vision. In most cases, it requires a cultural transformation. This unique event goes beyond SEL to address the best practices we find are necessary at the leadership level to affect lasting change. With tracks for teachers, administrators and community leaders, participants leave prepared to guide their own communities through the changes.

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1/2 Day Implementation Training
Single/Multi Day Custom Training
Ultimate Life Summit (Youth Event)
Online Masterclass (Classroom Portal License Required)


Numerous independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impact in Achievement, Student Behavior and Grit & Resilience.

Mindsets University

Weekend events that inspire educators personally and professionally, + tools to up-level classrooms and communities.


100's of lessons and 1,000's of resources for the classroom that teach the non-cognitive skills young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives.

& Mentoring

We provide trainings, custom implementation plans, coaching followups and school partnerships for exchanging best practices.

Unified School

A holistic series of practices that balance lessons, language, programming and planning to successfully integrate 7 Mindsets across culture.