New for back-to-school 2023

Enhanced Program Offerings and Platform Functionality

New for back-to-school 2023

Enhanced Program Offerings and Platform Functionality

What’s New and Improved with 7 Mindsets?

The new school year is the perfect time for a renewed focus on student well-being and achievement, educator happiness and retention, and healthy school cultures. Our enhanced program offerings and platform updates are designed to help do just that.


A Stronger, More Impactful Empowering Educators!

Developed to support the well-being of adults in your school or district, the Empowering Educators Adult SEL platform offers a comprehensive menu of self-paced and facilitated courses, tools, and resources.

  • Better You, which offers self-paced, engaging, and fun resources for individuals.
  • Better Together, which provides resources and strategies for teams to build relational trust and find ideas on how to engage further with the 7 Mindsets.
  • With more engaging content to be added throughout the year!

Comprehensive Scope and Sequence to Support Instructional Planning

7 Mindsets’ Scope and Sequence was thoughtfully developed to provide a comprehensive portrait of content and lesson experiences and can help support instructional planning as students move through the 7 Mindsets curriculum.

  • Alignment of learning objectives and competencies across each course that demonstrates the breadth and depth of curriculum and learning experiences
  • Support for students’ development of competencies, skills, behaviors, and knowledge as described in 7 Mindsets Alignment Crosswalk’s developmental competencies and standards

Big-picture view of the curriculum across multiple years as well as the progressive learning targets of each mindset and objective.



New Complete Spanish Curriculum for All Grades

Our 7 Mindsets Spanish curriculum now includes all PreK-12 courses. The complete Spanish curriculum is a high-quality, fully customized translation offered within a socio-cultural context.

  • The translations appropriately adjust content to the experiences of Spanish speakers by transferring and transposing the curriculum.
  • The vision and significance of the content are portrayed without losing their essence while ensuring that they are relatable to a child’s life.

A New and Improved 7 Mindsets Platform Experience

Based on important feedback from educators like you, we are offering an improved platform experience this coming school year.

  • Simplified 7 Mindsets platform, offering what you need where you need it
  • Customized course view

Streamlined Resource Hub that houses all tools and resources currently located in the platform’s Educator Zone.


Single Sign On Integration* is Coming Soon!

Launching in fall 2023*, 7 Mindsets will provide platform users single sign on (SSO) through Clever and Classlink. With this feature, educators will be able to access both 7 Mindsets and BASE content with one sign on.