New for back-to-school 2023

Expanded Module Offerings

BASE Education – New for back-to-school 2023

Expanded Module Offerings

BASE Education

BASE Education

What’s New and Improved with BASE Education?

The new school year is the perfect time for a renewed focus on students’ mental health needs. We have significantly expanded our product offerings so that you can best support your students.

Complete Module Suite for Middle School

BASE Education now offers a module collection specifically designed for middle school students in grades 6-8. All modules reflect the unique needs of the middle school learner and include:

  • More concise content with relatable examples and images, leveled vocabulary and topic discussion, and developmentally appropriate lines of questioning.
  • Accompanying educator guides, parent/guardian versions, and instructional versions
  • Twenty-three of the new modules begin with a new introductory video.
MS Module Image - Boy in Studio
Making Friends

Expanded Elementary Module Offerings

Built with our younger learners’ needs in mind and clinically developed using therapeutic frameworks and evidence-based practices, the following five elementary modules are now available.

  • Aggression: Aims to help learners understand aggression, the importance of controlling it, and strategies for managing unsafe behaviors in a healthy way.

  • Erin’s Law: Learners become familiar with the Touching Rule, safe and unsafe touch, unsafe secrets, unwanted and unsafe pictures and videos, and healthy boundaries. They will also learn about help-seeking behaviors and how to communicate their needs effectively.

  • Hygiene: Students learn about different aspects of physical health care, the importance of being hygienic, and how to practice healthy habits.

  • Making Friends: Students learn about types of friendships, why making friends is important, how to recognize healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and more.

  • Refocus: This module is intended for mental and behavioral stabilization purposes and is a great way to keep students in the classroom while they calm down and learn about their challenges.

Making Friends

7 Mindsets and BASE Unified Login

Launching in Fall 2023, users will be able to access both 7 Mindsets and BASE content through one unified login page. This login page will allow platform users to toggle between solutions with one click*. This feature will be available through single sign on (SSO) with Clever and ClassLink as well.

*Toggle feature requires purchase of both solutions

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