Student Mental Health

How This Texas District Prioritizes SEL

The Covid-19 pandemic may be on everyone’s minds right now, but school districts grappled with another pandemic before the virus changed our world. School violence incidents such as the Parkland School shooting were increasing, and students’ physical and mental well-being were at critical levels. New Caney Independent School District, northeast of Houston, Texas, understood that social emotional learning (SEL) and the missed opportunities to identify students with deficits played out in school–specifically in school violence.

Equity in Education

Promoting Equity in Education

To promote equity in education, it is crucial that educators can meet the needs of students beyond their academic goals, which requires being attuned to students’ diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. When educators build this important cultural competence and become advocates and supporters for students and their communities, schools take one step closer to equity in education.

SELEQUITY in Schools

SELEQUITY™ – The Future

SELEQUITY™ is an expression that looks at social emotional health, fairness, empathy, and compassion for all humanity through an equity lens. It reinforces the development of feelings, emotions, mindsets, and dispositions of people, both individually and collectively, to provide opportunities for all to grow and thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

How SEL Needs to Work in Everyday Teaching and Learning

How SEL Needs to Work in Everyday Teaching and Learning

Lupita Knittel believes that before we get back normal, whatever that is, education needs to build a new foundation. Forget curricula and assessments, and metrics, the importance of emotional health, for both students and teachers, needs to be the new priority. On this episode of EdTech Today, host Kevin Hogan sits down with Knittel to gain insight into how Social Emotional Learning is set to become a big part of education’s future.

How Social Emotional Learning Can Help Prevent COVID Burnout

Even with the pandemic continuing to impact our mental health, a social emotional learning platform can help the entire school population adopt a healthier, more positive mindset. Let’s face it, we’re all a little burned out on remote learning, hybrid classroom environments, Zoom, and other pandemic-related issues right now. As teachers, students, and parents, we’re all in the same boat as we work to balance the realities of our current situation with the need to keep students engaged, learning, and moving forward.

Know What Matters and Make It Work

The following article originally appeared in NASSP By Angela K. Doll |  December 12, 2017 A parent request for hourly behavior updates. A student sent to the office for repeatedly trying to staple himself to his chair. A community member’s plan to improve the school by eliminating all technology. As school administrators, we get to deal with…

Acceptance vs Tolerance: An Arizona educator’s message for #PeaceDay 2017

  Acceptance vs Tolerance Earlier this year we visited Casa Grande ESD to film some of their amazing stories about how the 7 Mindsets are impacting the community. With all of its middle schools and now 4 of its elementary schools implementing 7 Mindsets, Casa Grande ESD is an emerging national model for how social-emotional…

SEL Resources: Check Out The World’s Most Comprehensive Hub For Social Emotional Learning

For Immediate Release: (Roswell, GA) July 26, 2017 — 7 Mindsets, the national leader in mindsets-based social and emotional learning, is excited to announce the launch of its SEL Resources Hub: a quick-reference content portal that enables teachers to easily search thousands of learning objects, videos, activities and other instructional resources. When combined with its…