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Development for Educators

Know What Matters and Make It Work

The following article originally appeared in NASSP By Angela K. Doll |  December 12, 2017 A parent request for hourly behavior updates. A student sent to the office for repeatedly trying to staple himself to his chair. A community member’s plan to improve the school by eliminating all technology. As school administrators, we get to deal with…

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An event in pictures… Mindsets University Minnesota

Last week in Minneapolis, the 7 Mindsets team wrapped up the 2nd of 4 summer conferences on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). To shortcut straight to the photo gallery, click here. For our small team within a rapidly growing organization, 2017 marks our first year offering Mindsets University in 4 cities (vs just one). Taking this…

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Building Connections With Students: Chattahoochee Elementary

  Jill Sullivan is a 4th Grade Teacher who stepped out into the hallways to share Chattahoochee’s inspiring approach to building relationships, creating classroom community, and connecting at a deeper level with each child, each day. Also sharing from her perspective as a mother, Jill offers her personal technique for responding to the overwhelming distractions…

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Social Emotional Learning Standards: A New Definition

Purpose of Life Quotes

Last August, CASEL announced a “joint effort” to establish Social Emotional Learning Standards across 8 US states. For many long-time advocates, the creation of declarative, procedural, schematically-built guidelines will surely speed up consensus, funding and implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in all classrooms. But as we visit schools, what we sometimes hear is that the move towards standards could also be a dangerous…

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Four Essential Teaching Skills for the 21st Century Educator

Teaching Skills

When my son Daniel started the first grade, he was struggling with reading. My wife and I felt that we’d done everything we could as parents, placing him in preschool programs at age two, and reading to him every night. We were understandably concerned.  Reading is critical for academic success, and our son was behind.…

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7 Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Dear Ms. Robertson: It’s very easy to sit back and tell people to do something. In fact, it can even be fun at times. I’ve found that in life that there will always be people telling you to do something, whether that person is a teacher, a parent, a boss, or a sibling. But very…

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