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Ideas to Motivate and Inspire

10 Ways We Made Our School Happier

The following article originally appeared in eSchool News By Tracey Smith  |  June 7, 2018 A principal takes a closer look at what it takes for students and staff to be happy at school, and how to build a stronger community After the recession hit in 2013, it was evident that something was off at…

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Restorative Practices in Schools With 7 Mindsets

  As Restorative Practices in school behavior programs gain momentum, a rising number of 7 Mindsets schools are also diving in, dramatically reducing suspensions and referrals. These schools are putting students first by keeping them in the school environment, transforming disruptions into learning opportunities. ” “Shifting the focus from punishment to restoration positively impacts culture in…

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A Peak Inside Vista Peak Exploratory

  This year, we visit 11 model schools and districts to capture best practices and models for successfully implementing social-emotional learning. Introducing Vista PEAK Exploratory: a K-8 School in Aurora, Colorado serving 1,200+ students representing diverse backgrounds. With a strong focus on culture-building, growth mindset, PBIS and restorative practices, Vista Peak is now in its 3rd…

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Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning: Mashburn Elementary

  Arlinda Porter is a Teacher, former social worker, and parent of three children who have attended Mashburn Elementary during its various stages of implementing the 7 Mindsets over the last few years. In this video, Arlinda shares her views through each lens and offers optimism to a growing concern. Please note: this video examines…

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Live to Give: The Amazing Story of Fombah Kanneh

Live To Give With Fombah Kanneh

Live to Give: This Is How We Change The World Recently, we got an email from a young man named Fombah Kanneh. The subject line read “LIVE TO GIVE: Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities.” Although he has never visited our office, we’ve all heard about Fombah before. His story begins with his childhood, growing up in a…

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Powerful Sayings for Students

Sayings for Students

When I think back on my childhood, it’s funny what I remember.  Yes, the big events and the times of intense drama.  But what I think of even more are the little sayings that have stuck with me through the ages. Every time I’d use the word “hate,” my mom would say, “You don’t want…

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