Acceptance vs Tolerance: An Arizona educator’s message for #PeaceDay 2017

  Acceptance vs Tolerance Earlier this year we visited Casa Grande ESD to film some of their amazing stories about how the 7 Mindsets are impacting the community. With all of its middle schools and now 4 of its elementary schools implementing 7 Mindsets, Casa Grande ESD is an emerging national model for how social-emotional…

We Are Connected Mike Cruz Casa Grande

We Are Connected: Mike Cruz Teaching The Mindsets

As teachers were on-boarding the 7 Mindsets in Casa Grande, Cruz invited his peers to join him for a workshop on how to teach their social emotional learning lessons more effectively, with less prep time. One month later, when our team visited Villago and Cactus Middle for a community open house, Cruz volunteered to come over and teach a group of students he had never met before. He chose the perfect mindset for this challenge: We Are Connected.