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Passion and Success

Using the 7 Mindsets to Shift School Culture

The following article originally appeared in Class Tech Tips By Monica Burns |  March 21, 2019 In San Antonio earlier this year I sat down with Jeff Waller and Tracey Smith. Although conferences like the one I was attending that day tend to feel a little overwhelming, it was such a treat to sit for…

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Know What Matters and Make It Work

The following article originally appeared in NASSP By Angela K. Doll |  December 12, 2017 A parent request for hourly behavior updates. A student sent to the office for repeatedly trying to staple himself to his chair. A community member’s plan to improve the school by eliminating all technology. As school administrators, we get to deal with…

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Middle School: Journeying The Human System

  Middle Schools host young people who are “sensing their way through overwhelming physical, psychological and social changes”. Join educators and students at Cactus Middle School as they tour the human system that “catches and carries” them through those changes. For more, visit This year, we explore seven amazing schools and districts from across the United…

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Practice What You Teach: Mashburn Elementary

  Sarah Berger is a 4th Grade Teacher who opened up her classroom and heart to our camera crew, sharing very personally about how the 7 Mindsets had impacted her and her students. “Kids want to feel that they are being cared about, invested in, and safe.” From this space, Sarah shares how she builds…

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The Mindsets to Become Financially Independent

Financially Independent

In 2014, I found a study that I had a hard time believing. Its conclusion was that money had no correlation on happiness. Really! If our basic human needs are met, (food, water, shelter and safety), a family living on $55,000 a year was on average just as happy as a family of great wealth.…

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How to Get What You Want in Life

how to get what you want in life

In the case of almost anyone, if you could strip away their egos and ask what they want from life, the most frequent answer would simply be that they want to be happy. I certainly know that it’s what every parent wants for their children, and what every teacher wants for their students. However, you…

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Why Taking Risks is Critical

Taking Risks

I once had the privilege of hearing Peter Vidmark speak. He was a member of the 1984 US Men’s gymnastic team who won the gold medal, and during his presentation, he offered a fascinating perspective on what success looks like, using his experience in competitive gymnastics as the backdrop. Back in his day, the highest…

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Why Mindsets are Critical For Success in Life

Success in Life

Why are some people happy and others just never seem content? Why do some succeed where others seemingly always come up short? Why do some people have so many loving relationships in their lives while others have few, possibly even none? It’s not what they know, where they come from, or what they have –…

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