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School Culture and Climate

Restorative Practices in Schools With 7 Mindsets

  As Restorative Practices in school behavior programs gain momentum, a rising number of 7 Mindsets schools are also diving in, dramatically reducing suspensions and referrals. These schools are putting students first by keeping them in the school environment, transforming disruptions into learning opportunities. ” “Shifting the focus from punishment to restoration positively impacts culture in…

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SEL Programs That Work: Fox News Visits Lee County Schools

Lee County schools find success with new life-skills program [Link to news station full feature] With summer just around the corner, students at Lee County schools have learned a lot this year. But they’ve also learned some things you won’t find in your textbooks: the Seven Mindsets. The nationwide, life-skills program based out of Atlanta…

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How a sheriff’s department and a school teamed up for SEL

Funding for SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) comes in many shapes and sizes, but perhaps one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve heard emerges from the uniquely dedicated Sheriff’s Department and its county school system in suburban Atlanta, GA. At this year’s TCEA conference, we met with the editors for eSchoolnews, who invited Principal Barbara Vella to…

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Parent Viewpoints On The 7 Mindsets

  “It’s naturally becoming a part of their language…”   We invited a few of the parents to share their thoughts on The 7 Mindsets and its impact on students and the parenting community. This year, 7 Mindsets explores seven schools from across the United States with a film crew in tow. Our second stop…

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Beyond PBIS and The 7 Mindsets: Tobias Elementary

  Tobias Elementary’s teaching community leverages its entrenched PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program to help students feel safe, confident and aware of their behavioral environment. As the Explorers follow their “MAPS”, the community at and around Tobias uses the 7 Mindsets to go beyond behavioral strategies, providing a curriculum and common language supporting…

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Empowering Teachers: Mashburn Elementary

  Here is what happens to teachers who don’t focus on test scores! Mashburn Elementary’s Tracey Smith shares a few top-level points on how her school uses ridiculously amazing acts of teacher appreciation to move their culture forward. “It is true that if you don’t feed the teachers, they’ll eat the students,” says Smith with…

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A Common Language For SEL: Chattahoochee Elementary

  Chattahoochee Elementary’s Principal Barbara Vella believes that school leaders must constantly re-assess and stay fiercely aligned with the vision of placing every child first. “It is within the relationship between a teacher and a child that learning takes place.” In this short video, Barbara shares her viewpoint on why social emotional learning matters, why…

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How to Change School Culture with PBIS

Change School Culture

I learned something recently that shocked and horrified me:  the United States prison system forecasts its space demands based on current discipline data captured in our schools. This practice even has a disconcerting name:  the school-to-prison-pipeline. Approximately 3.3 million suspensions and over 100,000 expulsions occur each year.  This number has nearly doubled since 1974, with…

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