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Kids and Parenting

SEL Programs That Work: Fox News Visits Lee County Schools

Lee County schools find success with new life-skills program [Link to news station full feature] With summer just around the corner, students at Lee County schools have learned a lot this year. But they’ve also learned some things you won’t find in your textbooks: the Seven Mindsets. The nationwide, life-skills program based out of Atlanta…

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Parent Viewpoints On The 7 Mindsets

  “It’s naturally becoming a part of their language…”   We invited a few of the parents to share their thoughts on The 7 Mindsets and its impact on students and the parenting community. This year, 7 Mindsets explores seven schools from across the United States with a film crew in tow. Our second stop…

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What is Social and Emotional Learning?

When we conducted our research years ago, it was based on a simple question: Why are some people happy and successful while many others struggle? It was a simple question with a pretty complex answer, and one that certainly wasn’t what we expected. Happiness and success are predicated not on what we know or where…

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10 Inspiring Books for Teens

Inspiring Books for Teens

Not long ago, when my son started sixth grade, he came home with questions every night that we hadn’t addressed in the innocent world of elementary school. For example, he would ask, “What does ‘that’s what she said’ mean?” I’ll be honest. I didn’t know how to respond… partly because I wasn’t up on the movies…

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Smart Goal Setting for Teens

Goal Setting For Teens

According to recent studies, only 20% of the population sets goals, and as many as 92% of those goals are never achieved. That said, I’ve never met a highly successful person who doesn’t regularly set personal goals. Goals are critical. They keep you focused on what’s important, and allow you to make the best use…

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37 Affirmations for Teens

affirmations for teens

In his work, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, Shad Helmstetter teaches us that we’ll become what we think about the most. “Your success or failure in anything depend on your programming – what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself,” he says. To illustrate this point,…

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How to Instill Intrinsic Motivation

intrinsic motivation

For many years, my son Daniel disliked math. He simply found the subject boring. He struggled with his homework problems, and we both became increasingly frustrated. He certainly wasn’t developing a love for math, and every technique we tried felt counter-productive. It was taking a toll on our relationship. Then, one day, an idea popped…

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Why Mindsets Matter

Why Mindsets

Last week, I spent half an hour working with my 7-year-old daughter Sienna on her spelling homework. Laughing, my 12-year-old said spelling was a waste of time, and told Sienna, “Just type the word into the computer and it will automatically give you the correct spelling.” My initial response was to disagree, but when Sienna…

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