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| Chattahoochee Elementary  |  Forsyth County, GA |

"We did not want another program."


This year, 7 Mindsets explores seven amazing schools from across the United States. With a professional film crew in tow, our intention is to capture each community's unique journey, while finding best practices in common for social and emotional learning (SEL). 

The first is Chattahoochee Elementary in Cumming, GA: a rural school with a unique recipe for cultural transformation. This school has seen considerable transition and growth in its student population, prompting cultural changes that were aligned with its SEL implementation. 

| Principal Viewpoint |

"To go bigger and better, you need a common language."

Chattahoochee Elementary's Principal Barbara Vella believes that school leaders must constantly re-assess and stay fiercely aligned with the vision of placing every child first.

"It is within the relationship between a teacher and a child that learning takes place."  In this short video, Barbara shares her viewpoint on why social emotional learning matters, why her school chose the 7 Mindsets, and the importance of structure in making a long-range implementation work.

| Teacher Viewpoint |

"Meaningful relationships. That's our job."


Jill Sullivan is a 4th Grade Teacher who stepped out into the hallways to share Chattahoochee's inspiring approach to building relationships, creating classroom community, and connecting at a deeper level with each child, each day.

Also sharing from her perspective as a mother, Jill offers her personal technique for responding to the overwhelming distractions that are present in modern education. She also shares her favorite mindset, which will come as no surprise!

| Framework Integration |

"We wanted to turn the idea of
student government upside down."

Chattahoochee has created a game-changing student leadership program putting the 7 Mindsets into action. "iChangers" uniquely focuses on teaching leadership skills through community service with an emphasis on student interest and accountability.

The program is designed to create a school climate of service and social emotional awareness. This interview with Instructional Coach Beth Perryman shares the basics and history of iChangers, with a glimpse at where the program is heading.

| District Viewpoint |

"Are we really teaching our kids what they need?"

Connie Stovall, Forsyth County Schools Director of Instruction, stopped by Chattahoochee Elementary with inspiring messages about how the district approaches social emotional learning and engaging the whole child for overall success in the modern world.

Forsyth Learner Profile


Intrinsic Motivation


Implementing SEL


| Behind The Scenes |

"It was just like family."


"This is a school where every child comes first. You can feel it from the moment you walk in the door," shares Ian Bryan, who directed the filming process. The "family" at Chattahoochee Elementary left a powerful imprint on our outreach team who spent 2 days on campus, interviewing over 30 educators and staff. This video is our way of saying thank you, and continue to stay tuned for more vignettes from our time at your amazing school.

These vignettes are part of a 7-school discovery/documentary on the underlying factors for success in implementing SEL.