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Empower Your Child
(And Yourself)
With The 7 Mindsets
To Live Your Ultimate Life

Discover the secrets top performers use
to think and live differently

What does it take for your student to be successful?

Today’s students face a ton of pressure from school, society, and social media. All of the noise makes life confusing, and they’re left wondering what it takes to succeed. As their parent, your goal is simple: give them everything they need to live their best life. But what can you do in our increasingly complicated world?


Introducing 7 Mindsets

The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life is based upon years of extensive research into the fundamental mindsets that guide and empower the world’s happiest people and highest achievers. It presents an unexpected blueprint for an extraordinary life.

From Richard Branson to Oprah to Sara Blakely, we found key themes common among history’s most successful individuals. And we’ve simplified those concepts into a book that will empower you to help your child succeed in school and in life.

What are the 7 Mindsets?

Everything is Possible

Dream big, embrace creativity and expect results

Passion First

Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests

We Are Connected

Explore our relationships and learn to empower one another

100% Accountable

You are responsible for your own happiness and success

Attitude of Gratitude

Seek positives from every experience and be thankful

Live to Give

Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential

The Time is Now

Harness the power of this moment and take action

Send your student to the premier place to
learn and begin living the 7 Mindsets.

6 Days, 7 Mindsets: Empowering Teens for Lifetime Success!


The Ultimate Life Summit

July 3 - 8, 2018 | Atlanta, GA
Hotel Atlanta @ CNN Center

The Ultimate Life Summit is a highly motivational experience for teens, empowering them to live their greatest dreams and make a positive difference in the world. Students make lasting friendships as they learn the 7 Mindsets of happiness and success. Inspiring speakers and engaging activities create an incredibly positive, life-changing experience.

Manual Carvallo – Roswell, GA

Parent of Ultimate Life Summit Student

“The 7 mindsets were planted in my son’s heart at the right time and have influenced him to pursue extraordinary achievements."

Chris Caruthers – New York, NY

Ultimate Life Summit Student

“My life will be forever changed, and my mind and heart have been inspired. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was the self-discovery of my own dreams. I will use these lessons and experiences to ensure that I will not only have a successful college career, but a successful life.”

7MindSets classroom

Bring 7 Mindsets to your school.

We made it easy for teachers, students, and administrators to master the 7 Mindsets in just 30 minutes each week. Currently used in hundreds of schools across 22 states, the 7 Mindsets Curriculum is improving grades, engaging students, and transforming schools.