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Bringing Culturally Relevant Social and Emotional Learning to Your Students

Introducing Fulfill the Dream - the only online, Hip-Hop(e) SEL program that embraces mindsets, cultural diversity, equity, and social justice for middle and high-school students.

“Fulfill the Dream was the secret ingredient that made us the top YMCA after-school program in the nation."

Rebecca Kelly, YMCA-USA

Hip-Hop(e) sparks a revolution in education.

Hip-hop is the language of today’s youth. It speaks to their hopes, dreams, struggles, and realities. From history-making Broadway musicals to bestselling artists, hip-hop is the vehicle that reaches students across the country.

Move the needle on academic performance, student engagement and cultural diversity.

Fulfill the Dream (FTD) uses Hip-Hop(e) as a platform to inspire and empower youth to discover what ignites their true passions and gives them an authentic voice to express their creativity through music, art, movement, and service projects. Your students will learn to set meaningful goals and to take purposeful action to fulfill their dreams and emerge as positive change agents in society.

Bring Fulfill the Dream to yourClassroomSchoolDistrictCommunity

Through a mixture of media, movement, metaphor, and hip-hop music, our 10-chapter online curriculum teaches your students leadership, relationship, and citizenship skills.

Your Fulfill The Dream Online Portal includes:

30 lessons, tailored to a 30-45 minute period

Meaningful activities that promote youth voice

Simple lesson plans that guide the instructor

Hands-on projects that make an impact

Engaging videos that inspire students

Live professional development

Additional resources

Fulfill The Dream can be delivered:

During the school day or after-school

As a stand-alone course or integrated into a core subject

During advisory, as a club, or as a week-long camp

Over a semester, a school year, or during the summer

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Built on Hip-Hop(e). Backed by research.

We hired an outside firm to review the impact of Fulfill the Dream. The result?

  • Grade point averages improved as much as 1 full point in a semester.
  • Attendance improved from 55% to 96% in one term.
  • Increased levels of student leadership, critical consciousness, and hope.
  • Improvements in staff morale and positive culture.
  • Decreased instances of behavior issues and emotional distress.
  • Students report a greater sense of self, increased awareness of their strengths, and heightened clarity on their goals and dreams.

"I see Roberto Rivera and his work being the future of SEL."
- Roger Weissberg, Vice Chairman, CASEL

Roberto Rivera, founder of Fulfill the Dream, keynoted at SXSWedu 2017. In this talk, he uses the history of hip-hop culture to show how it reveals best practices in social emotional learning, post traumatic growth, and social change.

Word On The Street: It Works

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One alternative school had its first ever 100% graduation rate.

YMCA Cincinnati was named the top after-school association in the nation after implementing Fulfill The Dream for three years. 

Students created award-winning service projects at school and in the community.

Bring Fulfill the Dream to yourClassroomSchoolDistrictCommunity

Most programs don’t reach students for one reason: they don’t communicate in the language of youth.

Fulfill the Dream cultivates the social and emotional competence of youth by using the vocabulary of Hip-Hop(e).

Get Fulfill the Dream and equip today’s students with the culturally relevant, social-emotional learning tools they need.

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