Inspiring Every Educator
and Student to Live a Life of
Passion, Purpose, and Meaning

Mindsets-based Learning for Positive, Lasting Change

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Teaching Mindsets. Changing Lives.


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A Comprehensive Solution to Create Hope,
Belonging, and a Brighter Future

Our award-winning PK-12 SEL solution nurtures the mindsets of both students and educators, improving their mental health and well-being and creating safe and engaged school communities.

Educators & Staff

Educators and staff experience a renewed passion to engage, inspire and motivate students.


Students feel more valued, accountable, and have hope for a brighter future.

School Community

The school community including staff, students, families, and partners builds stronger connections.

The 7 Mindsets create a common language for all students, educators, staff, and families.

Implemented with more than 1,500,000 students and educators, the 7 Mindsets improves relationships, reduces behavioral issues, increases grit and leads to improved academic performance. Educators and students report improved mental health and higher levels of confidence and hope, leading to positive lasting change.

We Serve the Entire School Community

7 Mindsets meets the needs of a diverse population and contributes to inclusive learning environments where all
students can succeed.

What Our Educators and Students Say

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We Believe That Success
Starts with Educators

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