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Middle School Values
The Growth Mindset
School Climate

Your "why" is why we do what we do.

7 Mindsets provides Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools, lessons, training and content to schools and whole communities, coupled with the common language and framework leaders need to succeed long-term.

Our goal is your goal: the one you set for yourself many years ago. It's the reason you chose education as your life's calling, and we'd love to show you around.


Numerous independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impact in Achievement, Student Behavior and Grit & Resilience.

Mindsets University

Weekend events that inspire educators personally and professionally, + tools to up-level classrooms and communities.


100's of lessons and 1,000's of resources for the classroom that teach the non-cognitive skills young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives.

& Mentoring

We provide trainings, custom implementation plans, coaching followups and school partnerships for exchanging best practices.

Unified School

A holistic series of practices that balance lessons, language, programming and planning to successfully integrate 7 Mindsets across culture.

The Most Comprehensive Platform For Teaching SEL

With age-appropriate social emotional learning curriculum for elementary, middle and high school, our classroom portal's lessons, videos and other resources bring the 7 Mindsets to life each day.

Lessons can be taught in 30 to 60 minutes in a normal classroom setting, 1-2x weekly, but are flexible to meet unique schedules.

In addition to structured lessons, the 7 Mindsets online portal offers a quick-search resource hub which allows educators to easily find and teach from single videos and instructables.


Professional Development for
Social Emotional Learning 

7 Mindsets Social Emotional Learning Training begins with an intense, transformative immersion on how to internalize and model the mindsets, as well as how to facilitate learning and apply them in everyday academics.

School leadership is trained on program implementation and best practices to ensure maximum fidelity, while teachers receive guidance on specific strategies for applying and activating the 7 Mindsets with their students and personally. 

The best training is often a completely customized experience, which we create to suit 1/2-day, 1 and 2-day agendas.

A Framework For School Transformation

While our implementation team provides training, lessons and supports, our framework complements each school's unique agenda for building positive school culture. Through mentoring, school partnerships and customized implementation planning, each school develops its own unified language that empowers teachers, aligns resources, and expands upon existing programs (PBIS, Growth Mindset, Etc) to better serve the whole child.

This language then extends beyond school walls, supporting a whole-community environment where every child is equipped with the skills to create a life of happiness and meaning on their own terms.


Heard in schools...

 “The 7 Mindsets Academy program has helped transform our school.  It provides a language of high expectation and accountability.  It has also fostered a better community and school climate so that all our students can succeed.” 

Krista Weaver – Middle School Teacher, Austin Texas

 “It is so powerful to observe the impact of the 7 Mindsets on students. It’s like the veil that is covering the secret to success is lifted, and they begin to realize that it is within their control to choose to embrace the Mindsets which will ultimately change the trajectory of their lives."

Amy Hodgson – Superintendent, Michigan

 “Culture is the silent stream that runs deep in each of our schools. The 7 Mindsets Academy has the power to significantly improve the culture of your school. If your school will actively employ the Mindsets, it will become a happier and more productive place.”

Connie Stovall – Director of Instruction K-12, Forsyth County, GA

Our Film Project

So what does a 7 Mindsets school look like?

Join us as we explore 11 schools and districts in various stages of implementing social-emotional learning. Meet the Principal that built a foundation for 7 Mindsets using Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset, or visit the school that anchors their restorative practices to the Mindsets. Talk to teachers about how to balance PBIS and SEL, or hear from parents in the community. 

Through stories filled with passion and purpose, as well as heartbreak and trial, our documentary film project is a journey into the very heart of transformationThe encounters we make share a rare sincerity and underscore what is possible when communities come together to place every child first.

Heard in homes...

 “The 7 mindsets were planted in my son’s heart at the right time and have influenced him to pursue extraordinary achievements. From starting his own business when he was 13 to his current leadership positions at school, to pursuing his dreams in nuclear engineering; it all started by living the mindsets.” 

Manuel Carvallo – Parent, Roswell GA

 “It was not until I dug deep into the 7 Mindsets that I realized my potential is unlimited! I now truly believe “Everything is Possible” when one has a positive mindset. The most exciting impact of the 7 Mindsets is that once an individual embraces them, they can begin to spread the same empowering messages to others. When I was first exposed to the 7 Mindsets, I became so empowered that I wanted my peers to experience the same life changing experience as I had.”

Stephanie Johnston – Student, North Dakota State University

 “As parents, we want our children to be equipped with the tools that enable them to be happy and successful. It has been extremely rewarding to watch my daughter utilize the 7 mindsets in her daily life, grow more confident in her decision making abilities, and realize the successes that have resulted from her new way of thinking. The 7 mindsets are not just slogans, they are the knowledge and fuel that every child needs to be happy and successful."

Bill Schulte – Parent, Collier County, FL

 “My life will be forever changed, and my mind and heart have been inspired. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was the self-discovery of my own dreams. I will use these lessons and experiences to ensure that I will not only have a successful college career, but a successful life."

Chris Caruthers – Student, New York, NY