It all starts with
the educators and staff

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How It Works


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Every educator has the knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully teach the 7 Mindsets

The mindsets-based approach to social emotional learning is anchored in a leadership development and coaching model to promote healthy school cultures and meet the needs of all learners and staff. From our best-in-class professional learning to our powerful assessment tools, teachers are equipped to ensure students’ SEL growth by delivering the right content, at the right time.

Professional Learning
and Coaching

Delivered Through
a Digital Platform

Scaffolded Curriculum
and Lesson Models

Dashboard and

Teacher led Digital Curriculum

Educators and staff model and teach the 7 Mindsets while also enriching their own personal well-being. Educators leave our kick-off training feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and empowered!

Professional Learning

We Serve the Entire School Community

7 Mindsets meets the needs of a diverse population and contributes to inclusive learning environments where all
students can succeed.

Flexible Easy-to-use Platform Serves All Grades

Our 7 Mindsets digital platform includes an easy-to-implement and ready-to-use PreK-12 curriculum, tools, and resources.

  • 30 Scripted Lessons by Grade
  • Progress Monitoring and Assessment
  • Thousands of Additional Videos and Resources

ACT Methodology

Each lesson plan is designed in three phases with the ACT Methodology (Get Their Attention, Make the Connection, Transition to Life).

Featuring an icebreaker, quote, hook, video, discussion questions, an activity, and a challenge.

Digital Curriculum