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Learn the 7 Mindsets at Home!

Many people go through life doing what they believe they should do in order to be “successful” in terms of stability, financial security, or family expectations, but find themselves unfulfilled, uninvigorated, and without the level of passion and meaning they truly desire.

Learning and implementing the 7 Mindsets helps individuals engage with their passions, overcome limiting thinking, find significance and fulfillment in their jobs, and expect amazing things from life. This is true life transformation that yields exponentially greater levels of happiness, success, and meaning. And it can be achieved in just minutes a day from a desk, couch, or seat on the bus.

The 7 Mindsets MasterClass is an immersive program that explores the actions and attitudes critical for a life of happiness and success. This simple and instantly engaging online course delivers the 7 Mindsets through short, empowering videos comprised of research-based content, stories and unconventional advice. Each Mindset is presented through a set of videos that are only 3-5 minutes long. This makes the principles easy to absorb and begin applying immediately.

In addition, the MasterClass provides a series of guided exercises that connect what you’re learning with your own individual dreams and desires. Taken together, these make up your Life Plan, a personalized blueprint for activating the 7 Mindsets in your daily life.

Enrolling in the 7 Mindsets MasterClass gives you access to the program for an entire year, in order to maximize your engagement and greatest progress. Every family member can share in the experience as well–everyone can watch the videos at their own pace and fill in their own custom Life Plans as they go. You can also create as many Life Plans as needed in order to grow your dreams as you expand your expectations.

The tendency among people who feel something is missing–even if they’re reasonably satisfied with their lives–is to consider things like changing jobs, going back to school, increasing their skill sets, starting therapy, getting more exercise, etc. These types of external shifts can certainly contribute to positive life changes. However, the greatest impact and true long-term change comes from looking inward and saying, “Maybe I should change how I think.”

Extensive research has demonstrated that a person’s thinking corresponds directly with feelings of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning. The 7 Mindsets MasterClass takes you step-by-step through the mental shifts you can make to begin experiencing more passion, joy, connectedness, significance and success than most people ever attain.

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