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The 7 Mindsets MasterClass is an online program that teaches the 7 Mindsets through short, empowering videos with inspirational and unconventional advice. Every membership includes a personalized LifePlan to help you discover your passions and live your dreams. The MasterClass is ideal for individuals and families interested in building more meaningful relationships, acting with a greater sense of purpose, and living their ultimate life.

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7 Mindsets Academy is a dynamic program for schools and youth agencies that improves student and teacher motivation, academic performance, behavior issues and college & career readiness. Through engaging videos, teacher lesson plans, student LifePlans and only 30-60 minutes a week of instructional time, the 7 Mindsets Academy is revolutionizing education.

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At Work

7 Mindsets At Work is focused on energizing your employees to maximize their potential and engage with your company’s mission and vision. From dynamic keynotes and seminars to a revolutionary program that trains key employees to use our engaging videos and materials to create an empowering 7 Mindsets culture of excellence.

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