Franklin Middle School is a nationally recognized community school in North-Central Minneapolis, providing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) focused education to prepare students to attend and be successful in High School and beyond.

This 7 model learning community is fiercely dedicated to building school leaders and applying mindsets-based social emotional learning (Middle School SEL). Through the actions of this loving and dedicated staff community, Franklin Middle has also measured a defining impact on their entire neighborhood.

If you are inspired, check out NBC’s coverage of the story…

MINNEAPOLIS – Where some saw challenges, Michael Bratsch saw an opportunity.

The new teacher in a newly reopened school announced to his students last fall, “There is no school song. This is our chance.”

And so began the project that would help define the year at Franklin Middle School in North Minneapolis.

On a mission
Let’s go
Let’s make it
We’re on a roll

Franklin has always been an underdog school, situated in a part of Minneapolis where crime and poverty have left their marks.

Ninety-six percent of the students currently enrolled qualify for free or reduced price lunches. All but one percent are children of color.

Eight years ago, amid declining enrollment, the school was shuttered and left for dead.

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