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xSEL Labs

xSEL Labs


Make the Invisible, Visible.

xSEL Labs’ assessments are easy-to-implement, program agnostic, and directly measure students’ social and emotional learning strengths and needs. Providing the only direct measure of social and emotional competencies, xSEL Labs’ assessments are aligned with the CASEL framework, state guidelines, and evidence-based SEL programs.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Clark McKown, xSEL Labs partners with K-12 schools and districts to assess, address, and improve social and emotional learning outcomes for all students. Schools and districts use xSEL Labs’ SEL assessment data to guide teaching and learning, program outcome evaluation, baseline needs assessment, and universal screening for multi-tiered supports.

xSEL Quad Circle

Comprehensive Assessments and Surveys to Support Student Growth

  • Baseline data for screening and identifying needs

  • Formative data to guide teaching and learning

  • Summative data to measure social-emotional skill development

  • Cumulative data for program evaluation and continuous improvement

Only xSEL Labs Directly
es Life Skills

What sets xSEL Labs apart is a suite of assessments that directly measure important social emotional skills. Students demonstrate their competency by answering questions and performing tasks. Following assessments, educators have the tools to benchmark students, guide instruction, and measure growth.  

7M xSEL Screenshot
7M xSEL Screenshot

Assessments are narrated and available in English and Spanish.

School Climate

Ensure Safe and Supportive Learning Environments 

xSEL Labs also offers a climate survey that provides a snapshot of how students see essential learning conditions, including students’ sense of safety, belonging, and instructional support. Climate surveys are administered alongside SEL assessments to save time for students and educators, and their results help create positive conditions of learning and measure change in those conditions.

Easy to Use with Access for All 

Program agnostic, xSEL Labs can used in tandem with many different SEL curricula and programs. Assessments for younger students are narrated and illustrated so students do not have to be able to read to be assessed. All assessments are available in Spanish and English, and students complete on their own. 

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