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Your "why" is why we do what we do.


Combining elements of relationship-based teaching and social-emotional learning, the 7 Mindsets distills extensive research on the nature of happiness and success into tools that provide a new language and operating system for schools and classrooms. With multiple courses of flexible, age-appropriate online curriculum for elementary, middle and high school, 7 Mindsets for schools is an easy-to-implement, transformational program that has been established in 22 U.S. states.

The work of the 7 Mindsets began in 1988, when our founders were asked to teach life skills to youth in New York City Schools. For the next 20 years, they developed award-winning curriculum and youth empowerment programs that served hundreds of thousands of students throughout the country. While those efforts were successful, there was something missing.

And so in 2008, with a core team in place, a 3-year, multi-million dollar research effort was launched to uncover the true nature of happiness and success. 7 Mindsets founders directly interviewed over 500 people, consulted every major study on the subject, logged the common themes across hundreds of renowned books, and analyzed thousands of individuals who had found great significance and meaning with their lives.

Through a rich collaboration with the Magic Wand Foundation, the Mindsets were then put to work. First, we developed what today stands as our flagship youth leadership event: The Ultimate Life Summit. Now in its 8th year, ULS has hosted more than 1,000 young people from 25 countries worldwide. To broaden the impact of the Mindsets, 7 Mindsets For Schools was born, and is now at work in 22 U.S. states. Through the contributions of thousands of educators, we uncovered a common framework that provides "an umbrella effect" for cultural transformation.

Putting Mindsets To Work

Based on that research and years of application in schools, the 7 Mindsets represent the irrefutable, time-tested thinking at the heart of fulfillment, happiness and success on one's own terms, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or socio-economic background. They have worked and will continue to work, for all those who incorporate them into their lives.

We teach these simple principles to young people and adults through interactive programs and engaging curriculum across a variety of digital platforms. The information has been organized into language that is highly engaging, easy to understand, and oriented toward driving positive change through purposeful action in one’s life.

The Mindsets

1. Everything is Possible
Dream big, embrace creativity and expect results

Everything is Possible provides an understanding that we are all capable of living extraordinary lives. We learn that everything that exists was once an idea until someone believed it was possible and made it a reality. Embracing this principle will allow you to envision a wonderful life, expect greatness, and effectively execute the process of making your dreams come true.

2. Passion First
Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests

Passion First teaches that we are each a unique expression of human existence and that our lives should be focused on finding our unique genius and sharing it with the world to the maximum extent possible. You will learn to make your dreams authentic, and of such critical importance that you'll find the fuel to overcome the obstacles you're certain to face along the way.

3. We Are Connected
Explore the synergies in all relationships and learn to empower one another

We Are Connected teaches us to understand that everyone who comes into our lives can assist us in living our dreams. By applying this mindset, you will learn to constantly explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, and relish competition that will help you maximize your potential with and through others.

4. 100% Accountable
Choose to be responsible for your own happiness and success

100% Accountable teaches that you are not a victim of your past, your future is not predetermined, and your life is what you choose it to be from this moment forward. With a focus on recognizing fears and excuses, this mindset allows you to break down barriers, free your mind, and focus your energy to take critical steps toward accomplishing your goals.

5. Attitude of Gratitude
Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have

An attitude of Gratitude teaches that you can choose the positives or the negatives in your life as the foundation on which to build your future. Choose the positives, and you're on your way toward extraordinary success; choose the negatives, and you will likely start (or continue) a downward spiral.

6. Live to Give
Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential

Live to Give teaches that abundance in one’s life is a cycle. To receive love, respect, and financial security, one must first learn to give those things. This mindset also teaches that the greatest gift you can ever give is to find and leverage your unique genius to maximize your positive impact on the world, knowing that good things will be returned to you in kind.

7. The Time is Now
Harness the power of this moment, and take purposeful action today

The Time is Now teaches that all your power exists in the moment. You cannot change the past and the future hasn't happened, so the only thing to do is take purposeful action now in order to create the ultimate life of your dreams.


Numerous independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impact in Achievement, Student Behavior and Grit & Resilience.

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100's of lessons and 1,000's of resources for the classroom that teach the non-cognitive skills young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives.

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