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7 Mindsets Testimonials

The 7 Mindsets model effects change by creating an awareness of what is missing, then provides the language and tools to help integrate the needed thinking.

Our 7 Mindsets Academy program isn’t just a teaching curriculum or a leadership development tool; it’s a solution that incorporates administrators, teachers, and parents to nurture and positively reinforce the mindsets in every facet of a student’s life.

Take a look at what people are saying about the 7 Mindsets:


Chris“My life will be forever changed, and my mind and heart have been inspired.  Perhaps the most important thing I learned was the self-discovery of my own dreams.  I will use these lessons and experiences to ensure that I will not only have a successful college career, but a successful life.”

Chris Caruthers – Student, New York, NY

Stephanie“I have always strived to reach my full potential. However, it was not until I dug deep into the 7 Mindsets that I realized my potential is unlimited!  I now truly believe “Everything is Possible” when one has a positive mindset.  The most exciting impact of the 7 Mindsets is that once an individual embraces them, they can begin to spread the same empowering messages to others. When I was first exposed to the 7 Mindsets, I became so empowered that I wanted my peers to experience the same life changing experience as I had.”

Stephanie Johnston – Student, North Dakota State University

Leslie Garcia“I had no direction and was failing many of my classes.  The 7 Mindsets gave me direction and an understanding that I controlled my future, and that all started with listening in class and getting good grades.”

Leslie Garcia – Student, Roswell, GA



Chelsea“The 7 Mindsets are the missing component in our schools.  We have become great at teaching subject matter, and now we as educators need to focus on the whole child.  The 7 Mindsets provide a common language and framework through which to change school culture and give our students the best chance for success in school and life.”

Chelsea Buchanan – Elementary Teacher, Georgia

Krista “The 7 Mindsets Academy program has helped transform our school.  It provides a language of high expectation and accountability.  It has also fostered a better community and school climate so that all our students can succeed.”

Krista Weaver – Middle School Teacher, Austin Texas

Lazarus ”The 7 Mindsets are based on principles that are critical to helping a person unlock mental barriers that keep the majority of people from experiencing fulfilled, successful lives. Since my exposure to the 7 Mindsets, I have used them personally to inspire new ideas and solidify my attitude to succeed professionally. I also use them to inspire and encourage youth.”

Lazarus Bruner Jr. – Teacher, Ron Clark Academy



Amy“It is so powerful to observe the impact of the 7 Mindsets on students. It’s like the veil that is covering the secret to success is lifted, and they begin to realize that it is within their control to choose to embrace the Mindsets which will ultimately change the trajectory of their lives.”

Amy Hodgson – Superintendent, Michigan

 Jan“Working with middle school students, the 7 Mindsets Academy program has been an integral part of our school culture. The Academy frames our conversations, initiatives, and the relationships we have with our students and colleagues!”

Dr. Jan Franks – Principal, Arnall Middle School, GA

 Tracey“Our teachers brought the Mindsets back to our school after 7 Mindsets University two years ago.  The transformation that has taken place has forever impacted the lives of our students. 7 Mindsets have helped us tap into the hearts of our future in ways we never could have imagined.”

Tracey Smith – Principal, Mashburn Elementary

 Connie“Culture is the silent stream that runs deep in each of our schools. The 7 Mindsets Academy has the power to significantly improve the culture of your school. If your school will actively employ the Mindsets, it will become a happier and more productive place.”

Connie Stovall – Director of Instruction K-12, Forsyth County, GA



Manuel“The 7 mindsets were planted in my son’s heart at the right time and have influenced him to pursue extraordinary achievements. From starting his own business when he was 13 to his current leadership positions at school, to pursuing his dreams in nuclear engineering; it all started by living the mindsets.”

Manuel Carvallo – Parent, Roswell GA

Bill Schulte“As parents, we want the best for our children and to insure that they are equipped with the tools that enable them to be happy and successful. It has been extremely rewarding to watch my daughter utilize the 7 mindsets in her daily life, grow more confident in her decision making abilities, and realize the successes that have resulted from her new way of thinking. The 7 mindsets are not just slogans, they are the knowledge and fuel that every child needs to be happy and successful.”

Bill SchulteParent, Collier County, FL



Notable Individuals

 April Farlow“Working with business professionals, I often hear comments about the apathy of teens today. Through the 7 Mindsets, young adults are given a vehicle to put their energy and imaginations to work. The results are absolutely incredible and may be exactly what we need to change the business community and the world.”
April Farlow – Leadership Instructor

Famous Dave Anderson“Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to meet many successful people and you can immediately tell they have determined mindsets that drive them non-stop towards their goals. Every parent and teacher should be sharing these 7 Mindsets with our children for them to flourish in this new highly competitive global marketplace.”

Famous Dave Anderson – Founder, World’s Best BBQ Joint and America’s Best Tasting Ribs!


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