Reduce Referrals,
Increase Attendance & Achievement

Developed From More Than
25 Years of Research and Practice

Reduce Referrals, Increase Attendance & Achievement

Developed From More Than 25 Years of Research and Practice

Research & Results

Research & Results

Research Objective:
What allows an individual Attain happiness in Life?

The 7 Mindsets are based on a three-year meta-analysis study that asked a single question: What allows an individual to attain happiness in life?

From the research, including the study of more than one thousand books and preeminent research studies, and interviews with 400 individuals from all walks of life, 28 specific patterns emerged of characteristics that most predicated happiness.

Among others, the primary characteristics included optimism, creativity, passion, purpose, open-mindedness, relationships, service to others, and gratitude.

Following the study and essential to the company’s success was the ability to make the programs relevant and teachable. The team understood the need to create a common language and lexicon that was engaging and accessible to young people across all grade levels. The 7 Mindsets and corresponding 28 Learning Objectives became the common language around which its SEL curriculum was developed.

Mindsets Objectives

Why Mindsets-Based?

Mindsets, defined by the University of Chicago as beliefs and attitudes about oneself, the external world, and the interaction between the two, are the default lenses that individuals use to process everyday experiences.

Research shows that these attitudes and perspectives dictate emotions and dramatically influence decisions and actions. It is our mindsets that promote effective decision-making, connectivity with others, positive self-awareness, self-efficacy, perseverance, and many other prosocial characteristics. 


Evidence of the 7 Mindsets SEL solution’s impact on students and schools is gathered from both independent and peer-reviewed studies.

What differentiates 7 Mindsets is a measured set of lasting, tangible improvements upon the mindsets of both students and educators. Students who experience a firm belief in their potential, an optimistic vision for the future, and a strong sense of personal authenticity perform better academically and forge more substantial relationships in life.

Students who received 7 Mindsets instruction for at least five months showed significant improvements in behavior, attendance, achievement, and prosocial qualities such as resilience and grit.

These outcomes include:

  • 42% decrease in out-of-school suspensions (FL high school)

  • 67% decrease in teacher referrals (TX middle school)

  • 22% increase in attendance (MN middle school)

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