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The 7 Mindsets Portal

The Most Comprehensive Platform for Teaching SEL

SEL Curriculum, Mindsets Training, Leadership Zone, Parent Zone, and Resource Hub.  All in a single user-friendly, multi-media platform.

Backed by Research.Inspired by Educators.Loved by All.

Impactful Web-Based Multimedia SEL Lessons That Teachers and Students Embrace

Check out 7 Mindsets For Schools

The 7 Mindsets Curriculum

Elementary, Middle and High School Courses

Over 400 age appropriate Lessons

Aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Start anytime! Teach in as little as 30 minutes per week

Hundreds of additional activities and resources

Seamless PBIS and CASEL integration

Lesson Builder!

Grow Your Team’s SEL Competence, Professionally and Personally!

Extensive online resources

Courses include “Introduction to SEL”, “Why Mindsets-based SEL Matters” and more!

Easy, concise “How to” modules featuring Portal Navigation and Maximizing Classroom Impact

Success stories and best practices from like-minded educators

Excellent content for PLC’s, staff development days, and PBIS committee members

Take it to the Next Level!

Introduction to SEL

Expect Amazing Results!

Multiple studies validate the
effectiveness of the 7 Mindsets

Reduce behavior issues

Improve academic achievement

Increase attendance and student engagement

Raise teacher morale and staff retention

Enhance student resilience and grit

Rich Powerful SEL Tools for Leaders

The 7 Mindsets Leadership Zone

Implementation plans and resources

Assessment and measurement tools

SEL videos and activities for staff meetings

Leadership dashboard with progress monitoring

7 Mindsets book study guide

Leadership Zone

Powerful School to Home Connection

Parent Zone

The 7 Mindsets Parent Zone

Useful 7 Mindsets parent guide

Video resources to share with parents

Opt-in 7 Mindsets quote of the day emails

Parent newsletters in English and Spanish

Common language used at school and home

Imagine “Google for SEL”

The 7 Mindsets SEL Resource Hub

Thousands of videos, activities and lessons

Robust search capabilities

Click and drag SEL Lesson Builder

CASEL, PBIS, and culturally relevant resources

Digital posters, banners, quotes and photo images

Resource Hub

Making Your School Amazing is Easy with the Right Solution.

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Tap into the 7 Mindsets Portal & Resources

Watch Your Students, Staff, & Parents Thrive