How would our world change if every teacher saw every student as a masterpiece?

Our journey of self-concept as young students came equipped

with a blank canvas, a paintbrush,

and as much paint as our imagination could conceive.

The younger we were, the more we’d lean on the insight and world view

of our teachers to model the possibilities of what could exist in our picture frames.

The Problem

Apathy is the #1
challenge in schools

Many teachers and students are disengaged

and lack enthusiasm.

92% of adults are not happy or passionate about their jobs.

1 in 3 students who enter first grade

will not graduate high school.

1 in 5 children will experience depression before adulthood.

And each day in America, 50 young people attempt suicide.

We’ve dedicated our lives to providing solutions to these issues!

The Solution

Mindsets-Based Social Emotional Learning creates meaningful conversations, connections, and relationships.

All learning is Social and Emotional. There is a statistically significant association between SEL skills and positive outcomes in academic performance, behavior, employment, happiness, and mental health. 

Successful and Sustainable SEL

More than an SEL Curriculum.

We commit to developing whole teachers and whole students.


Web-Based Curriculum

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Professional Development

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School Transformation

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— The 7 Mindsets —

Everything is Possible

Passion First

We Are Connected

100% Accountable

Attitude of Gratitude

Live to Give

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