Measurement Tools to
Support Whole Child Initiatives

Identifies Students’ Core Competency
Strengths and Needs

Assessments to Support Whole Child Initiatives

Directly Measures Students Strengths and Needs


Insights Student Measurement

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Make the Invisible, Visible.

Insights assessments are easy to implement, program agnostic, and directly measure students’ competencies and needs. Founded in 2017 by Dr. Clark McKown, Insights’ measurement tools are aligned with state guidelines and evidence-based programs. Insights results help educators decide what to teach to whom, and measure student learning in response to instruction.

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K-8 Direct Assessment

Insights K-8 directly assesses critical skills. Students demonstrate competency by answering scored questions and performing game-based tasks.


High School Survey

Insights High School survey measures students’ perception of their core competencies, mindsets, college and career readiness, and 21st Century skills.

Personalized Mental Health

K-12 Climate Survey

Insights includes a K-12 climate survey measuring essential learning conditions, including students’ sense of safety, belonging, and instructional support.

Comprehensive Measurement Tools to Support Student Growth

  • Baseline data for screening and identifying needs for multi-tiered supports

  • Formative data to guide teaching and learning
  • Summative data to measure skill development over time

  • Cumulative data for program evaluation and continuous improvement

Research Based

We put our competency assessment through its paces to ensure score reliability and validity for formative assessment. Scores are based on national norms.

Easy  to Use

Students log in and complete engaging tasks independently. Simple and informative reports summarize results at district, school, grade, classroom, and student levels.

Accessible to All

Assessments for younger students are narrated and illustrated—no reading required. All assessments are available in Spanish and English.


Insights assessment reports link to targeted instructional resources for building targeted skills, including quick and simple lessons and alignments to 25+ programs.

Only Insights Directly Assesses Life Skills

What sets Insights apart is assessments that directly measure important life skills. Students demonstrate their competency by answering questions and performing tasks. Following assessments, educators have the data and tools to benchmark students, guide instruction, and measure growth.

7M xSEL Screenshot
7M xSEL Screenshot

Assessments are narrated and available in English and Spanish.

School Climate

Ensure Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Insights offers a K-12 climate survey that provides a snapshot of how students see essential learning conditions. Climate surveys are administered alongside competency assessments to save time for students and educators. Survey results help adults target interventions to create positive conditions of learning and measure improvements over time.

What Our Educators and Students Say …

Insights provides quantitative data to guide teams in designing supports for students. It allows teachers at a classroom and small group level to layer additional SEL aligned lessons to strengthen specific SEL competencies.

Sarah Schielke Payne
Regional MTSS Manager, Distinctive Schools

The Insights assessments are instrumental in Lancaster School District’s efforts to meet the needs of the whole child.

Trish Wilson
Coordinator of Climate, Culture, and Counselors at Lancaster School District

Insights has been a great addition to our district focus on SEL instruction and intervention. Our campuses use the school Insights data reports to create focused Tier 1 instructional plans for all students.

Beth Epps
Director of MTSS, Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD

I don’t think I’ve ever seen data that is this relevant to everyday life of a classroom.

Andrea Rosenberg
Director of Social Emotional Learning, Archdiocese of Chicago

I absolutely love the assessment and I also love how it applied to ALL academic levels and capabilities. It’s exciting watching our students with learning disabilities able to take the same test as their classmates without modification needed.

Marcy Carter
SEL District Coordinator, Parchment School District

We find that student engagement with Insights is higher than with self-report surveys. It’s great that even our youngest, non-reading, students can use it.

Kim Petrasek
Retired Superintendent, Mannheim District 83

Insights provides data in key areas of social emotional skill development. This information has been essential as we discuss student progress and consider interventions.

Dr. Catherine Wang
Superintendent, Glencoe District