Inspired Educators
Inspire More Students

It’s So Much More Than Teacher Training!

Inspired Educators Inspire More Students

It’s So Much More Than
Teacher Training!

Professional Learning & Coaching

Professional Learning and Coaching

Create Hope, Belonging, and a Brighter Future

Immersive professional learning experiences and on-going coaching are interactive and best-in-class. We uplift and reenergize educators so they can confidently model and teach the 7 Mindsets while enriching their own personal well-being.

Start-up and onboarding support, as well as individualized coaching and programmatic implementation, ensure you achieve culture and climate transformation in your school or district.

Startup +
Onboarding Support

Includes a welcome orientation, training on the platform, as well as access to the platform for all staff members.


A 3-hour professional learning provides educators with the knowledge for authentic delivery of the Mindsets. 

Expert Coaching

Dedicated coaching sessions are a direct line to best practices, implementation guidance, and accountability.

Authentic Engagement,
Lasting Change

Wrap-around programmatic implementation support prepares education teams to teach with the authenticity required to engage students, make critical connections, and foster the relationships needed to impact lives.

  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis 

  • SEL School Plan 

  • End-of-year Assessment and Planning  

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Why Educators and Staff Love the Mindsets!

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this training! The presenters were amazing with their energy and perspectives. The content was so relevant to what’s going on in the lives of teachers and administrators.

It was very interactive and engaging. Loved to connect with my coworkers and realize that we all have many things in common, what mindsets we need to personally work on, and how we can help our students embrace them.​

Loved how positive it was and how fun it was to hear all the comments of gratitude. It was needed and they really did a nice job of showing the power of the mindsets!​

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