Prepare Your Student to Face Today’s Mental Health Challenges

An Innovative, Interactive Mental Health
Support and Intervention Platform

Prepare Your Student to Face Today’s Mental Health Challenges

An Innovative, Interactive Mental Health Support and Intervention Platform


Tier 2 and 3 Mental Health Prevention and Intervention

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Support for Student Mental Health Through Deeper Connection and Belonging

Today’s students are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before, and targeted mental health education and support for students is critical to prevention and intervention. Base, an interactive, online student-facing mental health platform, was founded to ensure educators have the tools to learn, respond, and connect to students in crisis and others facing the challenges of today’s world.

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A Mental Health Platform that Connects Educators to Their Students

Developed by mental health professionals, the Base platform is designed to help students understand and articulate their emotions. Offering flexible curriculum modules that address a range of topics that teachers may find tough to discuss, the Base platform provides an area for journalistic introspection where students process learnings and share insights from their own lives and includes a built-in crisis-alert system that lets administrators know when a student is experiencing a mental health emergency that needs immediate intervention.

Personalized Learning that Supports Students’ Individual Mental Health Needs

Guided by the Baseline self-reporting survey results, educators have the data and tools to develop personalized learning pathways for students.

  • Suggested Modules
  • Progress on engagement, behavior, social connectivity, and academic self-confidence

  • Supports IEPs, SPED evaluations, and interventions

What the Students are Saying

According to a student conducted with the assistance of Excelsior Youth Centers:


Students feel successful when doing Base coursework


Students think about the Base coursework on their own time


Use what they’ve learned from Base in their everyday life


Students say Base enables them to discuss previously difficult topics more easily with counselors

How It Works

Informative Pre-Assessment

Suggested Modules for Personalized Pathways

Delivered Through
a Digital Platform

Post-Assessment & Dashboard

What’s Included

The Base platform provides access to a full range of curriculum modules for grade 1-12, including:

  • Over 175 flexible curriculum modules for grades 1-12 (in 50 languages)
  • Substance Use and Misuse Curriculum (30+ modules) for grades 6-12
  • Erin’s Law Curriculum
  • Baseline Self-reporting Survey and Data for Student Measurement

  • Professional Development modules
  • Parent/Caregiver companion modules
  • Activity Dashboards
  • Built-in Notification System for Harmful Language
BASE Education Modules

Curriculum Modules Address Critical Mental Health Topics 

Offering more than 175 flexible modules, Base curriculum addresses age-appropriate topics by grade band—grades 1-5 and 6-12—including anger management, self-regulation, stress, and more. The platform’s Substance Use and Misuse curriculum for middle and high school students is designed to engage all students with proactive, preventative, and responsive knowledge to address substance-related issues.

Professional Learning that Empowers Educators’ Approach to Student Mental Health Support

Offering a professional development module collection as well as virtual and in-person support, Base provides educators with curated content that encourages introspection and provides space to better understand student mental health challenges and how to provide effective support.

See the Impact of the Base Solution on Student Mental Health.