By 7 Mindsets  |  March 2017

School Profiles | Parent & Community Impact

Otis School District

| PreK-12 School District in Otis, Colorado |

In its 3rd year teaching the 7 Mindsets, Otis gave us the opportunity to see “We Are Connected” in ways we could never have imagined!

Otis School: The Trailer

Imagine living in a rural community so small that the children are born 2 towns over due to the lack of a hospital. But for whatever Otis lacks, it makes up for in the expansive beauty of its nature and its people. To know Otis, you have to know its school.

7 Mindsets: A Coaching Perspective

One of the stories we heard before visiting Otis was that many students and staff attributed the 7 Mindsets to a State Volleyball Championship win. We sat down with Otis’ Athletic Director and Head Coach to hear the story of how athletics embraced their new social emotional learning (SEL) program.

Lesson Modeling: Everything Is Possible

Legally blind since birth, Landon Shaffert leverages every tool and resource at his disposal to teach his high school students that everything is possible if you approach your trash looking for treasures. This video provides a peek at one of the most exciting lessons we’ve encountered while filming for 7 Mindsets.

We Are Connected: An Otis Portrait

When your community has just one stoplight, everything converges at the local school. The educators at Otis School were kind enough to share a quick portrait with us of just how connected this community is, and how its isolation enables  community empowerment. 

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