With school out and summer vacation finally here, now is the time to find moments for rest and relaxation … and time for some summer reading. Just in time, 7 Mindsets has released its most popular content from the 2023-2024 school year, featuring insightful eBooks and resources on important and timely topics, including educator well-being, student mental health, positive school culture, and more!

Enjoy the eBooks and resources below— our most popular of the year!

Summer Reading_Popular Content 2024
Cover Inspire with HEART

Inspire with H.E.A.R.T.: Creating a Mindset-Based School Culture Where Everyone Thrives

For 7 Mindsets founder Scott Shickler, the key to a positive school culture is HEART. This insightful eBook shares this framework and how it can help you build connection and a sense of belonging in your classroom.

Cover_10 Ways Support and Protect Student Mental Health

10 Ways Schools Can Protect and Support Students’ Mental Health

This popular eBook offers effective strategies that schools can implement to ensure safe and supportive learning environments and increase school connectedness among students and educators.

IMage_10 Ways Checklist

10 Ways Schools Can Protect and Support Students’ Mental Health: A Checklist for Schools

This is a handy companion piece to the popular eBook of the same name and a great resource for sharing with colleagues or printing for easy reference.

Cover_Today's Students and Mental Health

Today’s Students and Mental Health: Four Solutions for Modern Mental health Challenges from the Voices of High School Students

This important eBook offers successful strategies that school can use to reduce the pressure and stress on students and empower them to manage even their toughest challenges.

Cover_Leading for Positive School Culture_Pricipal EL

Leading for Positive School Culture and Joy

Discover the secrets to building a thriving and joyful school culture! Uncover the proven strategies, provided by Principal EL, that will transform your school into a place where students and teachers eagerly embrace each day with enthusiasm and find joy in their learning journey.

10 Ways to Create Positive School Communities by Supporting Educators

Creating a positive school community starts with the building of positive adult relationships. In this engaging eBook, learn ten school-tested approaches to “feeding” or nurturing your teachers so they can best support their students’ academic, social, and emotional success.