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  • How to Shift from a Deficit Mindset

Deficit Mindset to a Growth Mindset Approach

2023-08-16T09:06:05-04:00November 30, 2022|

Our education system has focused for too long on what students lack, where they are failing, and what is “wrong” with them. This “deficit thinking”—or mindset—fails to see the innate strengths of students and runs the risk of inhibiting their ability to realize their full potential before they even get started. One of the most significant opportunities for those working in education today is a shift from this harmful deficit mindset to a growth mindset with a strengths-based approach.

  • A woman is screaming at man but he is wearing headphones and doesn't hear her. The text reads "problems of a fixed mindset"

3 Problems of a Fixed Mindset

2022-11-11T19:23:36-05:00March 2, 2015|

Understanding the differences between them are key to each of us getting where we want to be in life. The exact opposite of a fixed mindset is a growth mindset, in which the growth we experience throughout our lives is what we value the most.

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