Vista PEAK Exploratory – K-8 School in Aurora, Colorado

Introducing Vista PEAK Exploratory: a K-8 School in Aurora, Colorado serving 1,200+ students representing diverse backgrounds. With a strong focus on culture, growth mindset, PBIS, and restorative practices, Vista PEAK is now in its 3rd year implementing the 7 Mindsets.

#1 Focus on School Culture

In just one academic year, Vista Peak Exploratory went from under-performing to being recognized as a performance school within the State of Colorado’s School Performance Framework.

This video gives a unique peek into Vista Peak’s culture and approach, focused on how they used an “umbrella approach” to implement 7 Mindsets campus-wide.

Restorative Practices and SEL

Vista Peak Exploratory has innovated a unique approach to Restorative Justice Practices by integrating social-emotional learning into its model for restorative conversations.

Instead of a punitive system, students are given the opportunity to explore their values, apply the 7 Mindsets to solving problems, and develop a deeper sense of purpose in the community.