In today’s world, students face a variety of challenges that can negatively impact their mental health and well-being. 7 Mindsets is focused on providing students with the support they need to meet and overcome these challenges. With its recent acquisition of BASE Education and xSEL Labs, 7 Mindsets is now one of the most comprehensive multi-tiered SEL and mental-health solution providers for schools and districts across the country.

Here are five ways that our combined solution can benefit all PreK-12 students, educators, and the entire school community.

  • Holistic Approach to Learning: With the comprehensive PreK-12 whole-class SEL offered by 7 Mindsets, BASE Education’s student-facing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions, and xSEL Labs’ powerful assessment tools, schools and districts can address the needs of all members of the school community to unlock their full potential for well-being and mental health. This holistic approach ensures that every student receives the right support and intervention, regardless of their individual circumstances.
  • Improved Academic Achievement: Mindsets-based SEL can change how students view themselves, their environment, and their future. This increases their self-awareness and ability to develop meaningful connections with others, fosters improved actions and decisions, and can drive success in school and beyond. With targeted resources and tools, educators can build a positive and productive school culture that promotes academic achievement.


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  • Personalized Learning Pathways: BASE Education’s mental health platform and curriculum modules are clinically developed, encompassing all three approaches of social-emotional learning: cognitive, behavioral, and emotional. Prescribed learning pathways based on students’ interests and needs make it an invaluable tool for tailoring interventions for groups and individuals. This means that students receive personalized support that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The powerful assessments from xSEL Labs make the invisible, visible. These assessments directly measure students’ SEL skills, identify areas for improvement, and inform universal SEL instruction and targeted interventions and support. Educators can use this data to make informed decisions and provide targeted support that can benefit each student.
  • Educator Empowerment: 7 Mindsets’ Empowering Educators™ is an adult SEL platform that provides school and district staff members with the opportunity to foster their own professional learning, as well as increase positive dialogue and collaboration with colleagues. Building trust and growing the social and emotional skills of educators and staff are critical components to improving the school community and creating a positive school culture that supports well-being and mental health for everyone.

7 Mindsets Multi-Tiered SEL and Mental-Health Solution GraphicSince 2009, 7 Mindsets has known that mindsets learning is key to long-term happiness and success in school and life. The acquisition of BASE Education and xSEL Labs has strengthened 7 Mindsets’ offering of high-quality, multi-tiered SEL instruction and assessment that supports teaching, learning, and student success. Our holistic approach promotes academic achievement, offers personalized learning pathways, and enables informed decision-making. A focus on adults’ social and emotional learning for educators fosters a culture of well-being, building hope for the future, a firm belief in potential, and a strong sense of belonging and connection that can lead to long-term happiness and success.