Contribution to Support Mindset-Based Empowerment Initiatives for Youth and Educators Globally

Magic Wand Foundation

ROSWELL, GA, June 4, 2024 — 7 Mindsets, the leader in PreK-12 mindset-based and mental health learning solutions, today announced the expansion of its partnership with the Magic Wand Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering young people to tap into their passions, discover their potential, and make a meaningful difference in the world. The company’s increased commitment will include a $1 million contribution to the foundation over a three-year period through direct financial and in-kind contributions, including technology offerings and sales and marketing support.

“Strengthening our partnership is an important next step as the Magic Wand Foundation grows its vision and plans for significant global expansion,” said Mark Belles, CEO 7 Mindsets. “We see a natural connection point between the two organizations. A growing number of our partner districts, including the School District of Philadelphia and Decatur Public Schools, are maximizing the potential of the 7 Mindsets framework for their students at the Magic Wand Foundation’s Ultimate Life Summit. We are excited by the double impact of positively changing the lives of thousands of students, educators, and community members through our combined efforts.

The Magic Wand Foundation was founded in 2008 by Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller, who are also co-founders of 7 Mindsets. The Magic Wand Foundation has a mission of spreading mindset-based empowerment and community transformation globally. While the Magic Wand Foundation does offer direct programming through its Ultimate Life Summit, its primary focus is empowering community-based organizations that already engage with millions of young people worldwide.

The Ultimate Life Summit, the organization’s annual key event, provides youth with the tools they need to foster intrinsic motivation, driving them to develop skills and build relationships and readies them to overcome the challenges necessary for authentic success. The 2024 summit will take place July 14-20 in Orlando, Florida, and young people from across the United States and throughout the world are encouraged to apply for this life-changing experience.

“This generous pledge is the perfect partnership to spread the 7 mindsets around the world”, said Nicole Armstrong, Global CEO of the Magic Wand Foundation. “From reaching students and educators in schools to working with other nonprofit youth organizations, our collaboration is empowering young people to learn the 7 mindsets and put the mindsets into action in their lives, taking what they learn back into their communities to really make a difference.”

As part of the expanded partnership, 7 Mindsets will continue to have Magic Wand Foundation Board representation, including CFO Vanessa Ashlock, and encourage active employee participation in foundation initiatives.

For more information about 7 Mindsets, contact John Fergus at [email protected], for information about Magic Wand Foundation, contact Matt Smith at [email protected].

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