7 Mindsets LogoRoswell, Ga., February 28, 2023 – 7 Mindsets, the leader in PreK-12 mindsets-based learning and well-being solutions, today announced the availability of Better Together and its inaugural course, “Six Essential Conversations for Cultivating Adult SEL and Relational Trust,” within its Empowering Educators adult social-emotional learning (SEL) platform. Better Together aims to help educators connect and build relational trust through SEL.

The Better Together facilitated course was originally developed by Jo Salazar, a licensed clinical social worker and organizational development professional, to give schools a step-by-step process for building trust, improving collaboration, and growing the social and emotional skills of their educators and staff. Better Together creates structured opportunities for staff to connect, share stories, and get to know one another. It also strengthens critical SEL competencies like self-awareness and social awareness.

“The launch of Better Together deepens the resources and tools we’re able to offer school and district leader and provides them an effective and efficient process for developing their adults’ social and emotional skills,” said Mark Belles, CEO of 7 Mindsets. “The culture of a school begins with the adults and an SEL approach focused on the entire school community can result in an improved culture and happier environment for all.”

The Empowering Educators platform was developed to address job-related stress affecting educator and staff member health, improve teacher retention, and help stabilize an instructional workforce still reeling from the lingering effects of a pandemic that shifted the education landscape. It includes courses for both facilitator-led and individual, self-directed learning, with three new courses currently in development.

7 Mindsets comprehensive adult SEL offerings provide school and district staff members the opportunity to foster their own professional learning as well as increase positive dialogue and collaboration with colleagues, critical components to improving school climate and culture.

About 7 Mindsets
Founded in 2009, 7 Mindsets is a comprehensive social-emotional learning and mental health solution provider for schools and districts across the country. The company offers multi-tiered SEL curriculum, professional development, and assessment that ensure safe and supportive learning environments. Its highly effective programs have been shown to improve student engagement, behavior, and academic achievement, and have been used by over 5 million students and educators in all 50 states.