(Roswell, GA) February 8, 2017 — Lupita Knittel has joined 7 Mindsets. She will oversee the company’s international expansion and product roadmap for its flagship offering, 7 Mindsets Academy.

Knittel joins 7 Mindsets after over 17 years of pioneering leadership in the K-12 education marketplace, more recently with PlanetHS and Promethean, where she was a core member of the leadership team that built Promethean from its early start into a market-leading platform. Prior to working at Promethean, she led strategic initiatives for Apple and Electronic Data Systems. Knittel began as a school teacher in her native Mexico, where she also founded and operated her own marketing research company.

The 7 Mindsets are based on an extensive three-year study that assessed the happiest and most successful people in history to learn what mindsets they all had in common. This research was combined into 7 Mindsets, or ways one thinks about yourself, your surroundings, and the future. Some examples of these mindsets include “Everything is Possible,” “100% Accountable,” and “Live to Give.” Following an additional 5 years of in-school research programs and pilot implementations, 7 Mindsets Academy was formally launched in 2011. Today, 7 Mindsets Academy operates in 22 states, with adaptations in Mexico, Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom.

A Framework For Social Emotional Learning

7 Mindsets Academy starts with intense, immersive professional development for teachers that explores how to teach the mindsets and apply them in everyday life. Each new school is paired with a partner school that helps with leadership application, instructional integration, and overall resource sharing. Ongoing coaching and training is then provided on how to use its lessons and online content portal with students in classrooms.

School administrators are also trained on best practices for implementation, with a unique focus on structural integration of the 7 Mindsets with day-to-day campus activities, applying the 7 Mindsets as a “language” that aligns teachers, students, staff and parents. Each course contains 30 lessons that focus on the underlying, non-cognitive skills that young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives.

Lesson themes include foundational concepts for raising expectations, developing meaningful relationships, embracing accountability, practicing gratitude, managing setbacks, and learning from mistakes. Lessons include thought-provoking videos, educational games, and personalized activities intended to drive positive student conversations and empower educators to consistently impact students’ lives. Lessons are designed to be taught in 30 to 60 minutes in a normal classroom setting, once or twice a week, but are flexible to meet unique scheduling needs.

“We’re committed to igniting a social movement that places mindsets-based education in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country,”  “The most exciting aspect of working with the 7 Mindsets in schools across the country is watching the results pour in,” said Knittel. “Not only do principal office referrals and suspensions reduce by as much 97%, but attendance gets better, school culture improves, and whole communities are impacted by each student’s personal transformation.”

About 7 Mindsets Academy

Combining elements of relationship-based teaching and social emotional learning, the 7 Mindsets Academy distills extensive research on the nature of happiness and success into tools that provide a new language and operating system for schools and classrooms. 7 Mindsets Academy is an easy-to-implement, transformational program that has been established in 17 US states. With multiple courses of flexible, age-appropriate online curriculum for elementary, middle and high school. For more information, please visit 7mindsets.com.