Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the potential of students and educators, helping them dream bigger, pursue their passions, have meaningful relationships, thrive in and out of school, and make the world a better place.

Our Commitment

7 Mindsets is committed to ensuring that students, educators, and the entire school community have hope for the future, a firm belief in their potential, and a strong sense of belonging and connection.

An Extensive Study

In 2006, the founders launched an extensive meta-analysis study that asked a single question: What allows an individual to attain happiness in life? Over a three-year period, researchers interviewed thousands of individuals, from many walks of life, who discovered happiness and success on their own terms.

Finding the Pattern for
Happiness and Success

The findings were simple, yet evident. Happiness and success are not predicated on what individuals know or where they come from; instead, it is grounded in how we think.

The 7 Mindsets and 28 Learning Objectives are Developed

With this positive impact in mind, we understood the need to create a common language and lexicon that was engaging and accessible. The 7 Mindsets and corresponding 28 Learning objectives became the common language around which our SEL curriculum was developed.

Today’s Impact

7 Mindsets, impacting over 1,500,000 students, educators, staff, and families — positively changing the way individuals think about themselves, their future, and empowering them to live lives of purpose, passion, and meaning.