Informed SEL Instruction
Supports Student Well-being

Measure progress and personalize instruction
with r
eal-time results.

Informed SEL Instruction Support Student Well-Being

Measure progress and personalize instruction with real-time results.



Educators Thrive When They See Their Students’ Progress

Research shows that social emotional learning has many positive benefits for students—from increasing academic success to improving well-being. Gaining insights into the growth of student SEL competencies is key to maximizing its impact in your school or district.

Data Genius assessment allows educators to modify the pacing of the class or adapt delivery of lessons to best meet students where they are. Ensuring the just-right content is delivered at the just-right time.

Measure Well-Being with Real-time Results

7 Mindsets’ Data Genius assessment module allows educators to administer daily check-in surveys and assessment questionnaires—with real-time results to:

  • Measure Student Well-being
  • Gather Classroom Feedback
  • Conduct SEL Competency Checks (aligned to 10 SEL competencies, including those defined by CASEL)

Responsive Recommendation

For educators using Data Genius Pro, the responsive recommendation engine suggests additional learning content aligned with each emotion. This provides the opportunity for more personalized instruction.

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