Aspen Ridge Preparatory SchoolAspen Ridge Preparatory School is a charter school in Erie, Colorado, which serves approximately 600 students, PreK-grade 8. The school selected 7 Mindsets as its social-emotional learning curriculum to support and positively impact the entire school community. The program has created a common language and opportunities for students and staff to grow and learn from each other. At Aspen Ridge, the 7 Mindsets are the foundation for all that the school community does.

The initial implementation of the 7 Mindsets program included professional development for staff, which is continued through cycles to maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the program. The school created a 7 Mindsets Committee that strategically developed a comprehensive plan for implementation, designed a year at a glance, and supported efforts to make the 7 Mindsets come alive within the school. Beyond teaching the lessons in the classrooms, the school has integrated the 7 Mindsets into its monthly character awards and positive referral process, which has had a tremendous impact on the entire school community. School leaders, teachers, and staff continuously witness students applying the skills they learn from the 7 Mindsets in their daily interactions, whether in the classroom, on the playground, or in the community. Teachers and staff often model and utilize the 7 Mindsets language when working with students and each other.

At Aspen Ridge Preparatory School, “the 7 Mindsets program has created a culture of learning, growing, and understanding that connects the entire school community,” says Principal Rachel Miller. “This program continues to be an integral part of the Aspen Ridge community and provides opportunities for students and staff to be resilient, motivated individuals.”