• Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Educators

    This module addresses depression, providing insights into suicide facts, risk factors, and protective factors. It equips educators with intervention strategies to effectively support students in need.

  • PD Module Two: Breaking Down Elements of SEL Through an Educator Lens

    This module delves into education topics constituting social-emotional learning (SEL). It breaks down these concepts, prompting educators to interpret them through personal perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding and tailored implementation.

  • PD Module Three: Leading with Your Core Values

    This module supports educators in translating self-awareness into action to foster inclusive, empowering classrooms. By recognizing core values and beliefs, it facilitates authentic, effective leadership.

  • PD Module One: What is SEL, The Basics

    This module lays the groundwork for upcoming modules, empowering individuals to strive for their best, irrespective of identity or role, as everyone plays a part in finding solutions.

  • PD Module Four: Understanding Your Own Backpack

    “Understanding Your Own Backpack” encourages reflecting on personal influences like bias, trauma, anger, and beliefs. It builds self-awareness by identifying triggers and growth areas without shame. This module guides recognizing and using trauma responses constructively, aiming to model empathetic, strengths-based communication for students.