Jill Sullivan is a 4th Grade Teacher who stepped out into the hallways to share Chattahoochee’s inspiring approach to building relationships, creating classroom community, and connecting at a deeper level with each child, each day.
Also sharing from her perspective as a mother, Jill offers her personal technique for responding to the overwhelming distractions that are present in modern education. She also shares her favorite mindset, which will come as no surprise!


This year, 7 Mindsets explores seven amazing schools from across the United States. With a professional film crew in tow, our intention is to capture each community’s unique journey, while finding best practices in common for social and emotional learning (SEL).

The first is Chattahoochee Elementary in Cumming, GA: a rural school with a unique recipe for cultural transformation. This school has seen considerable transition and growth in its student population, prompting cultural changes that were aligned with its SEL implementation.